Sunday, February 14, 2010

Aloha from Hawaii

After 24 hours away from the twins I miss them terribly, but am so glad to be away from the normal day to day routine. Kendra and I had an excellent brunch at Gazebos after waiting for an hour in line for a table. The view is excellent and we ate slowly while looking across the bay at whales blowing fountains of water. The picture below is the other half of our view, the local beach.

We were able to Skype with the twins and Oma and Opa. Talk about a weird reversal of roles! For the first time it was the two us on the other end of the connection looking at Easton and Layla.

The resort is everything we could hope for except a king size bed, but that's just being picky. All of the 5 senses are occupied with the massive ocean just outside of our door. Yes, that includes taste because I wasn't smart enough to keep my mouth closed as the wave washed over me. What an incredible scene just outside our back patio.

I said, "Happy Valentines Day" to my lovely wife and that is the only person I wish to say it to. Nothing personal, but she's my wife an every other holiday is about everyone else in my life including her. This one is special just for her. <3

See you soon!

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Location:Lower Honoapiilani Rd,Lahaina,United States

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Anonymous said...

Glad you arrived safely. Your view is incredible!! Yeah to luxury and couplehood for a few more days. I'm not checking your blog until next week. Hope you don't have one minute to write. Soak it up. Enjoy each other. (And don't be surprised if it ends with you wishing you could get home can do that to you). Have fun!! joanie