Tuesday, February 23, 2010

End of Diapers

Greetings friends and family,

Only those of you with kids will identify with our celebratory attitude regarding Easton and Layla using the potty today. Yes, today is the official start of potty training because Easton and Layla BOTH decided to use the potty today. We took the advice of our pediatrician and began with the positive reinforcement and cheering them on. It worked!

2 years X 2 kids X 8 daipers per day = 11,680 daipers we've changed. Trust me, it's a celebration when you can see a light at the end of the diaper pale.

For the past several weeks we wake up to find Layla buck naked in her crib. She throws her pajamas, diaper, pillow, and blanket out of her crib and then pees all over her bed. Oma and Opa had an extra special surprise waiting for them one morning during their stay (sorry about that)... Poor girl just doesn't like the feeling of a cold, wet (or dirty) diaper against her skin.

When Kendra gave her the choice to use the big girl potty, she sat down and did her business in the typical "Layla do it" fashion. I heard all of the cheering and had to capture it on camera.

Then, as Kendra promised, she gave Layla a Mickey Mouse sticker as a reward and placed it on the calendar taped to the wall. During all the excitement Easton watched closely as we all joined in the pee-pee song for Layla. Easton finally piped up asking for a sticker. Kendra told him he will get a sticker when HE uses the potty like a big boy.

I got a phone call later that morning at work. Kendra had me on speakerphone with the twins and Easton told me all about how he used the potty like a big boy and has a sticker also. It was difficult to cheer for his accomplishment over the phone with so many co-workers listening, but I gave him a shout out as best I could.

Yesterday we had some outdoor fun at dusk. The twins didn't get much chance for outdoor activities due to the rain so when I arrived home from work we put on our coats and wondered around in the court.

Layla took a running start from the sidewalk and jumped on me just as I was trying to take a picture. My glasses were bent as a result, but it turned out surprisingly well by capturing both of us laughing. She is such a joyful little girl...

Easton stood on the stump in our front yard and what you can't see is Layla behind him. She pushed him forward and his jovial smile turned into crying one he hit the rocks. They are still learning how to be kind and gentle with each other.

Layla is getting very good at posing and looking at the camera. It's taken many, many months of taking literally thousands of pictures and she's finally making a conscious effort to pause in the moment for me to take a shot. She loves to see herself on camera so that must be the reason why she's interested in getting good pictures.

The twins are becoming friends and playmates more every day. Easton isn't super excited to hold Layla's hand when she asks him to, but he plays along. He also tolerates Layla's propensity to lavishly give kisses and hugs. Best friends!

This morning Kendra entertained FOUR toddlers at once. Or should I say, they entertained her.

What better way to pass the time than to give each of them a microphone and request songs. It sounded like an orchestral warm up session (train wreck) because each one was singing their own song. Easton isn't much for singing and we don't push him about it. He's perfectly content to listen to them and play with his toys. Layla Ruth and Daniel fit in very well at our house and we may have the beginnings of a great band. Time to break out the recorder musical instruments.

Time to go practice our potty song duet for tomorrow's encore performance by the twins. Cross your fingers. Although I know it will take a long time to get fully out of diapers, it's the beginning of the end!

See you soon.


Danielle, Brendon & Daniel said...

Something must have been in the air at your house this morning because Daniel also used the potty for the first time today... he went three times in a row! We are VERY EXCITED as well!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Layla and Big E! Get prepared for some of the funniest, grossest, and most memorable moments of parenthood as you use the potties. It might take a while,(and LOTS of singing!) but when it's over, it's Kendra's very own black belt accomplishment! :)
Go Kendra!!

The Four Webbs said...

Congrats to Daniel for joining in the advancements. His jump to the diaperless stage will be just in time for your second round with the arrival of your new baby.

I'm certain Joanie is right about the time required to fully get out of diapers. Since you have weathered 3 kids (and starting on your 4th soon), does that make you a 3rd degree black belt? :)