Friday, February 12, 2010

Hello, Good-bye

Greetings friends and family,

We said, "Hello" last night to Kendra's parents who arrived in town for the week. Now we are 15 hours away from saying, "Good-bye" as we board an airplane to Maui! Their willingness is much appreciated to sacrifice spring break by caring for the twins while we are away for a week.

Around the Webb house it's already "ALL Oma and Opa... all the time" just like a radio station that plays only Elvis Presley. If it ain't the king, then it don't play. Similarly, Easton and Layla want Oma and Opa to be involved in every single detail of what's going on with them. Luckily that works out well because tomorrow Kendra and I are out of here and they won't have a choice but to continue their Oma Opa focus.

Welcome to sunny Arizona, Opa!

Grab yourself two arm full's of babies and enjoy the warmth and sunshine. Not to be outdone, Oma joined us for the 2-year-old check up at the pediatricians and had her turn at juggling both babies in her arms at once. Have no fear, babies. Oma is here!

Kendra gave extra hugs and loves because the twins endured two shots. Easton spent the rest of the day (seriously) holding his leg as if it were a war wound on the battlefield.

The results of the check-up were outstanding and everything is going great for the twins health-wise. They are in the middle of the distribution, which is fine with us. Although the pediatrician did comment on their loooooong legs. Nothing wrong with that!

Easton entertained us between nurses with his hop-skip, gallop dancing. I'll have to get a video clip of it because his dance move (singular) is a barrel of laughs to watch.

There were several pieces of advice we are taking from the pediatrician:

1. instead of giving several cups of 50% water / 50% juice per day, she suggested we should give only one cup of the real deal and stick with water the rest of the time. Her justification was that their systems will function better and appetites will be increased if they don't have the constant drip of sugar rush all day long.

2. Potty training is just around the corner so start talking about it. She recommends we tell them how excited and happy we will be when they are potty trained. As opposed to forcing them or using negative reinforcement. She says the whole process goes much smoother when the child feels it is THEIR choice to stop wearing diapers and use the potty. It's all theory and conjecture until we get some real world experience over the next several months.

3. Time for the pacifier to go! She said any longer than 2 years and it will start affecting the way her pallet forms. Her advice was to start cutting it down (literally) a little bit at a time until there is nothing left. We'll tackle THAT change in routine once we return from our vacation so as not to cause undue stress on Oma and Opa.

Speaking of vacation... Kendra and I have only taken two non-family vacations in 8 years of marriage. By non-family I mean trips where we travelled somewhere besides going to visit our families. For the past two years we only spent 2 nights away from the twins. Our vacation is well earned and long overdue. The stars aligned for us to do the impossible: spend 7 days together alone... in Hawaii. From what I've heard, it's difficult NOT to have a memorable, awesome experience in Hawaii, so the pressure of screwing it up is lessened on my part. I have high hopes we will experience the romantic getaway Kendra and I expect.

Of course I'll miss Easton and Layla, but I realize our time together alone is vital to the success of our marriage and the role models we play in their lives. For the past two years our entire world has been wrapped up in the adventures of the 4 Webbs, but for 7 days it will be just us having our own adventures and making memories.

I'm not certain how the blogging thing will work out as we travel, but I hope the wifi works and my iphone connects. We don't even know if it costs money to call to/from Hawaii? guess we'll find out.

See you soon!

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