Saturday, February 6, 2010

2 Tomorrow!

Hello friends and family,

Tomorrow the twins are officially toddlers! I know there is no magic transformation on the 2nd birthday, but many people have referenced the "terrible twos". Easton and Layla aren't perfect angels no matter how much bias I add so I'm not going into this next year with rose colored glasses. However, I understand they are exceptionally happy and well mannered when measured against other 2 year olds so that gives me hope the next year will be just as fun as the last two.

I copied the entire 4 Webb's blog from the past 2 years out to a document just for fun. The file is 1557 pages worth of pictures and words! This is a good metaphor for raising a child. Taking time to write one blog entry or one moment to play with the twins doesn't amount to much, but over time it turns into book...

From what I can tell we will no longer refer to the age of Easton and Layla in terms of months, but years. They are not turning 24 months tomorrow. It is officially 2 YEARS.

I talked to my mom about how to guide the twins towards a love of music. Not as a spectator, but as a participant. I'd like for them to either sing or play an instrument at some point in life. If they choose not to then no big deal, but it never hurts to expose them to the ideas. My mom suggested giving them instruments isn't enough and I agree. They are more likely to show interest if they see me and/or Kendra playing instruments and singing. The concept makes sense for every area of life, not just music. In many cases, whatever parents are passionate about is the same thing kids will be passionate about. Wherever a person spends their time, effort, and money is what they are passionate about. Based on that premise I need to play my guitar more. Layla and Easton both joined in for twinkle, twinkle. That's about the extent of my guitar playing abilities for now, but it's a start!

The next picture almost looks like they are at the beach, but it's just a local park. They're looking cool while shielding their little eyes from the intense UVA and UVB rays here in AZ.

One other humorous difference between Easton and Layla is her desire to walk vs. his desire to ride and relax. She spent the better part of 20 minutes saying, "get out! Layla walk! I do it!" She even wiggled her way out of the shoulder straps and was attempting the Great Escape. Luckily we have our secret weapon: goldfish crackers in a snack trap. muuaaahahaha! There is no more powerful force in the universe to pacify and occupy than this.

Kendra and I have talking back and forth about planting flowers in front of our house since we moved here almost 3 years ago. Since we are in no big hurry to buy a house or move she decided to add a little color to our otherwise drab abode.

I picked this particular picture of them watering the flowers together because both of them are have the exact same body position and watering skills. If you start with Kendra, then copy and paste, you get Layla. Just like her mother, sweetness and all. :)

My mom joined in for our daily ritual of walking to the mailbox and playing in the grassy area. I took the opportunity of bribery with pretzels to get the twins to stand still and pose for a picture. This will probably be the one we put in our photo album of Nana's trip here because they all three look so great.

Then I gave the pretzel bag to Layla and she willingly shared on with Daddy. Of course, when I asked for a pretzel she said, "Layla do it!" and I agreed. She thought it was really funny to feed Daddy in this odd role reversal.

Over the past few days the 4 Webbs and Nana ran errands regularly as we prepare for tomorrow's get together. On one occasion Layla went with Mommy and left Easton alone at home. It is extremely rare for Easton to have the run of the house without his best friend, Layla, as his partner in fun. After she left he decided to get a drink. Since both sippy cups were still on the snack table he grabbed BOTH of them and chugged the apple juice until it spilled down the front of his shirt.

I gave the twins an early birthday present this morning. I found a rocket shaped popup tent to replace the broken Dora the Explorer tent they destroyed. Easton had a blast all day today climbing in and out while screaming, "1, 2, blast off!"

All day today we've been telling them about tomorrow. They both break out into song once in a while singing the "Happy Birthday" song. We have a big day tomorrow so I better get off the computer and go help prepare!

See you soon.

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