Friday, February 26, 2010

just because

Dear Kendra,

Thank you for being my wife and mother to our children. Tomorrow morning you will wake up and find this in the kitchen:

Two roses in a Gatorade bottle. How's that for romatical? At least give me a chance to explain before dismissing my efforts.

Last night you came home at 8:00 after working at Tam's house for a few hours. I went with my friend Eugene to hang out and talk. We had a great time catching up and people watching in the downtown area. As we walked towards the parking lot I saw one of those common hispanic women selling flowers along the main street. I immediately thought of you and how tired you must be from the long day with the kids and then working tonight. I bought the roses for you just because. No special reason.

We looked silly as two guys walking down the street towards the car with roses in my hand, but every day I care less and less about what other people think. I wanted to bring the roses home and give them to you with a passionate kiss and hug.

Unfortunately you were already in bed asleep and the house was silent. I know the Waterford crystal vase I bought for you when we were dating is on the top shelf in the cupboard. However, it is way in the back behind bags of stuff I didn't want to wake you or the babies attempting to get it down. I thought about other options such as a coffee mug, but that didn't seem creative enough.

Then I saw the gatorade bottle on the counter waiting to be taken to the recycling bin. I thought, "this is SO tacky she will get a good laugh in the morning". Along with seeing you smile at the ridiculous gesture I will give you a big hug and hopefully say something like this:

The first few years of our marriage we did well together as lovers, but we both agree we weren't friends. Certainly not best friends. I watched angrily as the fire in your heart and the sparkle in your eye all but vanished. I wasted several years trying to understand you so I could fix you. I should have spent those years trying to understand you so I could love you. All along it was me who needed to change in order for you to blossom, but my stubbornness and pride prevented me from letting you be you.

These past few years have been the greatest of my life in spite of also being the most difficult as we do our best to be good parents.

I'll probably just give you a hug and say, "I love you!", but I really feel the way described in this post. I am working to match the thoughts in my head with the words from my mouth, but until then at least I have the blog.

I am a boring, empty Gatorade bottle. You are the beautiful roses that make my existence meaningful and fulfilling. You are my best friend and I love you more every day.

Your best friend


Mark, Shannon, Trey & Boston said...

I LOVE it!!!!!! So SWEET!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for loving Kendra for who she is. We love you and are so proud of you in many ways. Just want to say, "Yea God!"

grandma said...

Kendra deserves all the love you can give her. It blesses me to know my son is honoring his wife and growing in his ability to look deep into himself to actively be sanctified in Christ. I am beaming with pride for you. love ya gobs, MOM

The Four Webbs said...

Your comments are much appreciated. I agree, she deserves my best. Even though my Dad was a great role model it takes a while to see it as a kid and figure out how to apply it as an adult.