Sunday, February 21, 2010

While We Were Away

Hi Friends and Family,

Kendra and I arrived home safely from Hawaii after a night of flying and 3 hours of sleep. It took less than 5 minutes for Kendra to jump back into mommy mode and love on the twins after we walked in the door. Easton was so excited for her to read the Thomas the Train ABCs book for the hundredth time and Layla just wanted to give hugs and be up close with us (and her teddy bear).

We pulled off a risky maneuver today at the airport. There was a coordination error in flight timing of our arrival and Oma and Opa's departure, but it all worked out famously. Oma and Opa had to check in for their flight (2 hours prior to departure) at exactly the same time as our flight from Honolulu was expected to arrive. If our flight was delayed that would have thrown a monkey wrench in the whole deal, but luckily everything worked perfectly.

Oma and Opa drove the twins and their luggage to the terminal, they jumped out of the car with their luggage. We loaded ours, gave hugs and thanks, and jumped in the car. We never even had to turn the car off and the twins didn't get out of their seat for the big switch-er-ooo. We are experts so please don't attempt this at home.

Oma and Opa took pictures of their adventures and here's what we missed at home during our time away. Oma appreciated Easton learning to lick the couch clean instead of having to wipe up the juice spills.

Layla dressed herself for the day and she chose my snuggly bath robe even though it was a little long.

Opa experienced the merry-go-round at the zoo and made good on his promise to give Layla a pony if she ate her peas. A zebra is close enough!

Easton built a multi-colored rocket ship using all of the blocks in the house. I have a suspicion Oma helped him a little with the architectural part of building his masterpiece.

Layla Ruth was promoted to baby sitter so Oma and Opa could go to dinner and a movie with April and Jason. Hey! you stole our friends! What's up with that? You'd be amazed at how good Layla Ruth can boss the twins around when she's in charge.

Wednesday was the most exciting day at our house because of the recycle trash truck. I'm certain if there were audio with this picture, Easton would say, "Do you hear it? I hear the trash truck! It's ok... It's ok". He calms himself when scary things like the trash truck pass through by saying "It's OK".

I don't have a sarcastic, made-up comment for this picture of Easton and Layla together... they just look so cute.

Seriously, we are extremely grateful to Kendra's parents for taking their spring break trip to spend it with Easton and Layla. Kendra and I were able to honestly relax to the max knowing the twins were is such capable, loving hands at home. Without their sacrifice our trip to Hawaii would never be possible. I know they loved every minute of time here in AZ, but no matter how enjoyable the twins are to be around there is still an opportunity cost.

I'm still working on the Hawaii trip report log, but since I already posted a couple of times during the week, I'll probably leave it at that. I decided to post one other picture from our trip. I looked through all 272 pictures to find the one which most clearly defined the trip and here it is:

This is both the reason we went to Hawaii and the result of a successful trip: Kendra and I. Alone. on the beach. No work or friends or church, just the two of us focusing 100% of our attention on each other and ourselves for several consecutive days.

We stopped by Honolulu for a day in order to catch up with my friend, Hal. He and his girlfriend showed us around the big city island in style. We were able to compare and contrast the different "feel" of Oahu and Maui. Hal is a blast to hang out with and we are both glad the scheduling worked out for us to be there for a few hours before flying home. The sunsets and beach life by Waikiki are as engaging as Maui, but in a different way.

As much as we missed Easton and Layla we desperately needed time together without them to have fun together. The Hawaiian experience certainly wasn't a deserted island, but as close as we could get to it!

Even though I still have sand in my shoes, tomorrow I head back to work and Kendra dives right back into mothering the twins. Life is an adventure...

See you soon!

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