Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ready for Hawaii

News flash:
President Obama shoveled 3 feet of "global warming" off the steps of the white house today in what meteorologists are calling the "worst winter ever". How's that for ironic... And on a related note: Even the blogger spell checker knows Obama is wrong. I do my best to keep political humor to a minimum, but that's just too funny to pass up.

Anyway, back to what really matters in life: family. Here's a short video from Sunday when I woke them up on their birthday morning. The humorous part is when Easton says, "turn around, daddy". He wants me to turn the camera around so he can see the display screen on the back. The other funny part is the end where neither of the twins can hold up just 2 fingers to indicate how old they are. According to their finger count, they just turned 5 years old.

Layla's knees are covered in bruises and she is constantly kissing her knee followed by pointing at her "boo boo" and saying, "all better, all better". Talk about mind over matter!

Kendra took the twins to her mommy play-date at some new bounce house down south. The twins made a new friend or two in the process. You can tell their new friend wasn't accustomed to Kendra's sense of humor because Easton and Layla are laughing at her antics. Give the new kid a break... he'll find out soon enough how much fun Kendra is.

Easton and Layla are both learning to be very friendly and we constantly encourage them to wave and say hello to everyone. and I mean everyone. neighbors, church people, cashiers, and even Wal-mart weirdos. Taking them out into public is as much fun now as it was when they were newborns. We don't get the "are they twins?" question much anymore, but people talk with Easton and Layla all the time and compliment them on how smart and cute they are.

If you've watched the Pixar movie, "Up", then you know what someone means when they shout, "Squirrel!" Well, in Easton's case it is a similar reaction, but to airplanes instead of squirrels. Every time he sees or hears an airplane he is quick to point it out and make sure we all know about it.

Somehow I missed posting this next picture showing a visual depiction of my Mom's 7 days of adventures with the 4 Webbs. She did a great job helping out and chasing the twins around... literally. We miss Nana desperately. :(

For their birthday / Super Bowl party Kendra and I were chef 1 and chef 2. We even busted out the aprons to make it official.

Today was a great day according to Kendra who complimented the twins for having a "happy heart" all day. We're praying for a repeat tomorrow. Guess who's coming to visit us in AZ? Kendra's parents, Oma and Opa! They get a FULL week of nothing but twins as Kendra and I leave for vacation in Hawaii this weekend. Talk about adventures?! These next 10 days are going to be unbelievably exciting for all of us including Oma and Opa.

See you soon!

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