Thursday, September 25, 2008

A post about Layla

Congratulations to the 4Webb's blog and "Thank You" to everyone who stops by to see it! There have been 2500 unique visits since I started keeping count 3 months ago. We're averaging about 165 different visitors per week and I think that is VERY cool!

Today's post will be all about Layla Rae and the interesting aspects of our little peanut. I bet you can guess what tomorrow's post will be about, right??? Not everything is equal in the Webb house, but we try hard to keep it close because we love them equally. :)

This is one of my all time favorite pictures because you can see how small and cute Layla was even when she was only 2 days old:

She is growing up so fast that every day feels like a giant step closer to becoming a little kid instead of a baby. Here she was today crawling around on her hands and knees beneath the exersaucer she normally sits in.

She's looking more like mommy every day... Here is a picture of Kendra when she was about the same age as Layla is now:

Looks pretty darn close, huh?! Layla is very curious about every little detail of her surroundings and whatever she can grab. Here is what we know about Layla so far in life:

Age: 8 months and 1 week
Favorite toy: Whatever Easton is holding, which could be something as simple as a bottle of nasal spray or a fruit rollup wrapper
Favorite food: butternut squash
Favorite bed time comforts: the pink Nunu, the GlowWorm, and her pacifier
Favorite time of day: The first 5 minutes after being fed throughout the day. She has such a peaceful demeanor and look on her face
Favorite book: "Brown Bear, Brown Bear"
Favorite movie: Baby Einstein on the farm (yeeeehaw!)
What people say when meeting her for the first time: "What a beautiful baby... she is really trying to figure me out, huh!"
Favorite noise to make: She sounds like a zombie from a 1950's horror flick as she moans for minutes at a time only stopping long enough to take a breath, while she stares intently at washing instruction tags on various items
Favorite face to make: Often times she will open her mouth with a huge smile that shows her teeth as she closes her eyes and rapidly breathes in and out through her nose. That's when we know she's really having fun.
What makes her cry: not getting the toy she wants, Easton gnawing on her foot when she puts it too close to his mouth, and being really tired.
Nicknames: Peanut, Lovely Layla, Sweetie P, Little Princess

I may add to this list some more this weekend, but that's a good start at getting to know Layla. :)
Have a happy Friday!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Bronson and Kendra!
Wow! Layla and Kendra's baby pictures look identical! Good idea to post Layla's "favorites". Did you post Easton's yet? You need more pictures of Kendra!
Love ya gobs,