Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Videos Galore

Greetings friends and family,

As requested...  videos!  I often take videos, but don't normally post them because after I watch them on my computer I think, "that was cute/cool/humorous but I doubt anybody else would care about it."  I realize videos are a better way to share the interesting aspects, but I rarely feel like I adequately captured the moment well.  Anyway, Aunt Mary and Ouma seem to be in favor of more videos so here you go!

At the skating rink Easton's classmates were there also because it was a school-wide invitation that led us here.  I watched as he interacted with his friends, both girls and boys.  Seeing that he would rather hang out and talk to his friends than me was a real shock to me.  Not because I think I'm so cool, but because for the past 5 years he's always preferred hanging out with me than anybody else.  No so much anymore!  I knew this day would come, but it still set me back to see the independence on full display.

Same with Layla.  She excitedly found her friends and she was off to the races.

This next video is from the wedding trip to SLO.  As we fed snails to the ocean anemone  with their funny tentacles.  I miss the ocean already.

Here's a short clip of Layla explaining the most basic finance lesson.  People who get this are blessed.  people who don't are foolish.  It's so simple even a 5 year old understands the order and priority of what to do with money.

and one final clip of Easton and Layla's soccer game.  You can see the bunch ball concept in action.  watching them live was highly entertaining because of the lack of organization and skill.  It shows they have a long way to go, but everybody starts somewhere!

There you have it.  a bunch of videos with a few comments.  I'll mix these in the rest of my posts more often if you like it.

See you soon!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I really enjoy the videos, also. Keep it up. Love ya gobs, MOM