Friday, September 6, 2013

Suddenly... Nana!

Greetings friends and family,

This is kind of a hodgepodge of adventures and thoughts from the past few days.  After this I'll be fully caught up from the wedding weekend.

Guess who is visting the 4 Webbs?  Nana!  She found a relatively inexpensive flight and came out to enjoy some time together.  I know she's here for the quality time with us because she sure isn't here for the pleasant weather.

Easton and Layla were ecstatic to see her and lavished her with "I missed you"s and hugs.  The twins cuddle with her on the couch every chance they get.  They also show off their skills and toys at every opportunity.  Easton is carrying the mantle and love for puzzles from Nana.

The twins joined their friend Coleton for a Peter Piper Pizza birthday party.  They returned with a bag full of goodies, which included some silly glasses.  Nana brought them each a sucker and when the combination of the two occurred I had to get a picture.  They have more fun than any other kid I've ever been around.  It's hard to describe how much happiness they express in the simple moments of life, but this is as close as I can get without recording a video of every waking moment.

Layla is great at puzzles too, but also likes to learn how to cook from the head chef and baker, Mommy.  Today Layla learned what happens when the blender gets dropped over into the bowl.  It's a little messy to say the least, but she is learning and that's what is most important.

We are taking it easy during these few days Nana is with us.  Playing Go Fish and swimming is as ambitious as we want to be.  She experienced power shopping with Kendra: go into the store, find the prize, purchase, and leave.  Kendra's sale-tag radar makes NASA jealous.

I took a few more pictures from the previous storm and our adventures.  Here is the dynamic duo sloshing their way through the flooded greenbelt.  Layla grew out of her rain boots, but they were completely unnecessary because the goal wasn't to keep our feet dry, but to get as wet as possible.  Easton laughed hysterically when his boots took on water like the Titanic.  The two of them had a blast drudging through the knee-high, temporary pond.

It was all fun and games for us, but the neighborhood was in disarray.  My neighbor's 15 year old tree came crashing down on their house.  That provides a good idea of the magnitude of the winds we experienced.

And here's a short video clip of what happened when the storm drainage was clogged with debris.

We haven't been as consistent as I'd like when it comes to the twins earning money by doing chores, but we are on a renewed mission to build in a consistent process.  We have the marker board posted with daily chores and the money containers are handy so we can pull them out each night for paychecks.  Easton and Layla are receiving our financial instructions just like every other thing we've taught them in the past 5 years:  repetition, consistency, and realizing this truth:

You get from people more of what you reward.

Around the Webb household we reward obedience and a good attitude.  Here is Layla giving the simplest explanation of finances.  If the twins get this one concept right when they get out into the world, then I'll be a happy daddy.

Last weekend during my Daddy dates Kendra had her own one-on-one time of her own.  When I was sharing a special chinese food lunch with Layla Kendra took Easton out for their own lunch.  She gave him a choice of anywhere he wants to go. He chose In-N-Out.  I know... big surprise!

Tonight I had the chance to spend a few hours talking with just Nana and me.  One of the things I got out of the conversation was a better understanding of where my Grandpa is health-wise.  He's 96 years old and doing well in an assisted living facility.  His memory, eyesight, hearing, a lung, a thumb, and 12 inches of height have been missing since the first memory I have of him.  Even so, he's a tough dude because he's still taking nourishment.

Kendra and I kick off the first session of our ministry effort this Sunday evening.  Keep us in your prayers as we teach people how to become the person God created them to be.  The journey is only just beginning...

See you soon!

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