Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Superhero Super Time

Greetings friends and family,

and "poof!"  Just like that Nana is back home in good ole' Springfield.  We made good use of her time with us.  The productivity was low and relationship building was high just as I'd hoped.  I took a vacation day on Friday so my weekend was extra long.  We had the chance to experience every combination where Nana and I were together, Nana and Kendra, Nana and the twins, Nana and the 4 Webbs.  

This big open space above is where I'd normally share some heart-felt thoughts, challenges, struggles, and victories.  However out of respect and honor of the Webb lineage and heritage I'll only present in this post the perfect, happy, and positive stuff so there is no hint of a cloud in the sky.  only sunshine!  sunshine everywhere!

Speaking of clouds, the weather in Phoenix was anything but typical for September.  We stood outside a few times looking at the horizon as storm clouds rolled into the valley.  No haboob or wall of dust, but we experienced a few drenching storms and showers.  The twins and I swam in the rain with thunder rumbling off in the distance.  Nana intelligently watched from the patio.  I never claimed to be smartest, but I am data driven and scientific.  The odds of being struck by lightning are 1 in 750,000.  I'll take those odds when the upside is creating an adventurous, fun memory that will last a lifetime.  

Nana joined us the next day for our swim when the sun came out.  She taught the twins some water aerobic moves from her twice-weekly class.  I'm proud of her for doing water aerobics so consistently and for so many years.  She correlates the activity and regularity with how well Fibromyalgia is minimized for her.

When the twins were heading to bed on the last evening of Nana's visit, Layla gave her a favorite bracelet as a gift.   Nana recommended giving it to Daphne because she would love it.  Layla's eyes lit up and she agreed that was a good idea.  Layla has such a giving heart.  I was proud of her living out the concept of sacrificial giving.  I hope Daphne likes it too.

Sunday morning came too quickly when I had to say goodbye to Nana at the airport.  Not knowing when we will spend time together again is difficult.  Thanksgiving and Christmas this year will be spent at home in AZ because we are traveled-out.  Next year will mark Nana and Papa's 50th wedding anniversary.  That will be exciting, but still a long way off.

Sunday was a crazy day, but good one.  The early wake up to take Nana to the airport was followed by early church then Daddy time at home.  The twins went with our friends for a play date.  There are maybe 5 families total we trust to take care of the twins.  John and Sarah are one of them.  Their kids are a good influence and similar in age.

After the twins left, Kendra and I stood there in silence as if we'd entered the twilight zone.

Were we home?  Yes.
Was it completely silent? Yes.
Was it daylight?  yes.

We regularly experience two of these three, but not all three at the same time.  It was weird.  We used the time wisely to prepare for our teaching our first class session at church.  We also caught up on several other outstanding "to do list" items.

After the twins returned home from their play date, life resumed with Spider-man and Spider-woman gleefully coloring puppies together.  Their artistic abilities are already noticeably better since they started kindergarten.

These superheros are more than happy to strike a pose.  Anything for crime fighting.  They regularly request I send pictures to Ouma and Nana.  They don't really understand that I post all those here on the blog for the world to see, including Ouma and Nana.  Twin powers!

Easton's report card hasn't made it back home yet from when we signed and sent it to the teacher, but Layla's did.  P is the best grade possible, A is next best and N means "needs work".  Layla's scores reflect her extraordinary intelligence and maturity.  I'm the proudest father of a kindergartner that ever lived because she's on her way to success in school to go along with her success in life.

Easton's report card wasn't quite as stellar, but we are not concerned by the areas he was deficient.  It's difficult to force a five-year-old to care.  He's good at what he's passionate about and not so good at areas that aren't interesting.  The teacher isn't worried and neither are we.  His desire to achieve academically will come around sooner rather than later.

See you soon!

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