Saturday, September 21, 2013

Pastor Webb?

Greetings friends and family,

I'm happy to announce I accepted the position as Executive Pastor of our church.  I'm keeping my day job, so no need to worry about how we'll make the mortgage payment.  Instead of filling the eight roles I currently hold at church, pastor asked me to transition everything to other people except for two.  People started calling me "Pastor Webb" and I have to keep from giggling when that happens.  I've spent my life hearing my Dad called Pastor Webb.  I respect his position as lead pastor so it feels a little strange to be referred to with the same title.  I wouldn't say I feel unworthy, but after seeing Dad's accomplishments over the first 21 years of my life it feels a bit undeserving.  Big shoes, but I'll do my best to grow into them.

I never wanted a career as a Senior Pastor like my Dad and he never pushed me to be one.  I think he even steered me away from full time ministry.  That hasn't changed, but the church world has.  The role of Executive Pastor is relatively new in the past few years.  Basically, my focus is on systems, management, and implementing the Senior Pastor's vision.  According to this website here is an idea of the job requirements:

The position requires a minimum of 10 to 15 years of experience as a senior leader in a corporate business environment. Possession of a Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Technology, or other related field is required. Master’s work in Biblical studies is a plus. The successful individual must have a proven track record of effective leadership, judgment, and above reproach character.

Check, check, yes.... yes... check.  that describes me about as accurately as my resume except I don't have a Master's in Biblical studies.  Mine is in business administration, which works out well because our church staff has no lack of Bible knowledge and education.   It's as if my whole life has been stepping stones leading up to this position.  I'm already working on improving the financial processes and metrics as the first directive.

The thought of being in full-time ministry is borderline scary because I've not been involved in it at that level before.  Luckily, that may or may not ever happen so there's no need to concern myself with thinking that far in advance.  i'm just being open to the possibility since that is a very real one at some point in the future.

Pastor Webb....  hehe.  And you know what this means for Kendra?  she's a Pastor's wife.  For years I've been known as "Kendra's husband" because most of my efforts have been behind the curtain away from the social church scene where Kendra thrives.  Now we each have our own visible roles and responsibilities.  I like it...

How did this Executive Pastor thing come about?  I didn't have to ask myself this question because the answer was given at the time the position was offered.  We had a high-powered pastor from Texas spend 3 days assessing our church.  His purpose was to find how our church can become more effective and accelerate growth.  His findings resulted in one single answer:  Hire Bronson as your Executive Pastor so that the Senior Pastor can focus on his calling.  I know this because at the end of his 3-day assessment, Kendra and I met him out for coffee where he offered me the position.

The other question I didn't have to ask was, "why me?"  My Pastor explained how my personality type, education, experience, and background makes me the likely candidate.  He also explained how my dedication to do whatever is asked of me with a servants heart is what sealed the deal.  I've spent 6 years saying, "yes" to opportunity he's ever offered.  I've never said no even once.  He kept giving me more responsibility, more authority, and greater challenges, which I gladly accepted. I don't know where this new adventure will take us, but I'm super excited about what I'm doing!

People have asked how I will find time for both my full time career and the XP role.  I wish I could say, "Did you know the average American spends 34 hours per week watching TV?  Well, I spend 0.  That means I have 34 hours more than the average American to do something productive that has eternal value."  However, some people would feel like my response is a condemnation of their own wasted time so I won't say that.  Our church is in the middle of two building programs (both campuses).  That means much of my time is spent in meetings with the banks and the city departments and architects.  Money can't buy this kind of experience and exposure and chance to work side-by-side with a Senior Pastor. That is why I'm so excited about operating in this capacity.  

I know my first ministry is Kendra, my second ministry is the twins, and my third ministry is Executive Pastor.  If I ever get that out of order I have no problem putting the brakes on and correcting my priorities.  We are taking gradual steps in the right direction while being faithful over what we have and the opportunities we are given along this journey of life.  

God will provide for our needs.  The more we give away, the more God trusts us with.  it's that simple.  He doesn't call those who are equipped.  He equips those who are called.  

see you soon!

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