Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Funny

Happy Easter friends and family,

Kendra and I made a conscious effort to be intentional about explaining Easter this year to the twins.  For the past few weeks (yes weeks) I've been singing Like A Lion by David Crowder Band as Easton and Layla's bedtime song.

I usually let them choose what song I sing, but since they know this song I was able to show them the slideshow of pictures and explain the details of Jesus' death and resurrection.  They saw "The Bible" series from the History Channel and parts of the crucifixion scenes (they aren't too gory).  Our conversations and focus and music and church were all very much dedicated to the truth of the reason for the Easter celebration.

On the other hand...  We had a great time together doing the traditional, worldly version of the "holiday" as well.  Kendra took Saturday off from the kids and I had a great Daddy day with them.  We ate breakfast together, then straight to the somewhat local park where half of my town showed up.  They had two baseball fields full of eggs.  Just the 5-6 year olds surrounded the entire field perimeter.  It was insane, but the part of the magic was being a part of something so massive.  Here they were eager to get started.

They were very self-controlled as they stood patiently looking at a ball field full of eggs while the others slowly lined up.  Some kids weren't as patient and parents were chasing a few kids around like chickens across the field.  Not sure if you've ever seen anyone chase chickens, but if you have that's what it looked like.

The announcer said, "go!" and off they went.  They were polite and efficient at the same time.  When their baskets were full they came back to show me their loot.

I think they had around 14 eggs each.  As we were leaving the field I noticed another girl who only got a few eggs and her Dad was consoling her.  I described the situation to the twins and then let the wheels turn to see what they would do.  They decided and agreed on their own to give the girl one egg each.  That made her day and mine.

The most proud moment of the weekend was seeing their self-control and their giving hearts on full display.  They are following directions well and making good choices on their own to share of their abundance.  I can't ask for more than that of my soon-to-be Kindergartners.

They enjoyed breaking open each egg to discover the treasure inside.  I was completely unsatisfied because the total take on the day amounted to about 7 cents worth of useless junk.  no candy, just tiny erasers, tattoos, and stickers.  I didn't dare ruin it for them, but if that were my Easter hunt I'd be disappointed.  lucky for me this was all for them!

Easton liked the jumpy plastic frog and the rubber popper thing best.  They each gave me a giraffe sticker, which I proudly wore on the front of my shirt for the remainder of the day.

Sunday was an excellent day.  Church was good and we spent lots of time before and after with our church family.  The twins are fast becoming local celebrities because of their social personalities and smiley faces.  We took a few pictures on our back patio and these are my favorites.  Like I said...  smiley faces.

and the 4 Webb's official Easter picture!

We invited my friend and his Dad over for lunch.  They were both thankful for the home cooking of Kendra's big Easter meal and the chance to hang out with us in the afternoon.  We hid 30 eggs stuffed with coins and jelly beans in the greenbelt.  Easton followed Layla around and picked up the ones she carelessly walked by.  She was interested in the easily found eggs.  Easton wanted a challenge.

The twins recovered all but one egg.  I guess we hid the eggs so well that even the adults couldn't remember where they all were.  Layla became a little too competitive when Easton started finding more than she had.  Nothing a little side-conversation about sportsmanship couldn't fix.

This was one of those weekends where I was as sad as Easton and Layla about going back to work on Monday morning.  Not because I hate my job, but because I love being at home with them and Kendra.  I care less and less about work each day as I get closer to sabbatical.  less than 4 weeks away!  I am so excited to be away from work and with my family for that many weeks.  the countdown is on.

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