Friday, September 14, 2012

Tent Dancers

Greetings friends and family,

Some days changes in the Easton and Layla are very noticeable, while others don't show a bit of progress or growth.  yesterday I turned on some music because I downloaded a blast from the past song just for fun.  The twins climbed inside their tents and started dancing around.  Their creativity is going to the next level right before my eyes.  I got such a big kick out of watching them dance around that it was hard to hold the camera still and not laugh.

We found Hootie again!  The evening temperatures are more conducive to bike rides and park trips so we dusted off the training wheels and took the bikes for a spin down to the green belt.  As soon as we arrived we heard the "whooo, who, who" sound and Easton lit up like a Christmas tree.  We walked over to the fence and saw him (or her) in the nest way up in an overgrown palm tree.  we also saw Hootie has a friend, another owl, in the next tree over.  We stayed and watched them move around in the nest until Layla convinced us to go back to the park for more play time.

An unintended consequence of our search for Hootie left huge bug bites on Layla's legs.  Easton and I walked through the tall grass unscathed, but Layla is itchy itchy.  More and more I see the similarities between Easton and I and between Kendra and Layla.  It's a pleasure to observe and be a part of their growth.  Even though I can't imagine life without the twins, Kendra and I could really use a date night and some time away!  Maybe next week...

See you soon!

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