Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Greetings friends and family,

Although we miss our extended families spread across the country, life is going so well I almost don't want it to change.  The last time I had this familiar feeling was when Kendra and I were first married.  Aunt Mary and Uncle Dave were just down the street and our weekly cadence of DINK living was pretty awesome.  Outside of our personal issues leading to marital clashes, I wanted time to stand still and nothing to change.  We had 5 years of that until Dave passed away and I'm grateful for that era in our lives.

Now I sense a similar level of comfort and contentment.  I'm more in love with Kendra than ever before.  Easton and Layla are the joys of my life.  Work is smooth and still putting money in my account every couple of weeks.  Kendra and I are leading and loving on others in ways we never dreamed.  Life is certainly not perfect, but it is extremely meaningful.  I came home from work to find Princess Aurora and Flash taking a break from the action while joining Dora for some cartoon adventures.

They greeted me with an immediate invitation to join their superhero team.  Without hesitation I jumped in my phone booth and donned the Buzz Lightyear costume.  Apparently "Martial Arts Daddy" isn't as welcomed because I don't have a mask or helmet to go along with it.  At their request, we ate dinner in our costumes.  I couldn't think of a good reason to say no; especially since Kendra was gone this evening spending time with her friend.

We chased imaginary bad guys around the house and answered tons of rapid-fire "why" questions.  We played hide and seek a few times.  My favorite moment is when I'm counting.  "4.... 5.... 6...  what comes after 6?" from the back bedroom in unison I hear "7! Dad don't you know by now?"

The twins are becoming more proficient by the day and I'm pushing the limits often.  Now I can say, "go brush your teeth, rinse with mouth wash, put on your PJs, and get some books to read."  about 20 minutes later they trot into the den with books all ready to go!  I feel like a drill sergeant and I think the power is going to my head a little.  They are highly disciplined and obedient compared to other kids I see taking direction from their parents.

Easton's room turned into a space shuttle launch pad with petshop toys.  it's a stretch, but in his creative mind the story went together well.  Anyway, his room was completely cleaned up (by him) before bed time.     

Kendra gave the twins a chance to paint in on a piece of paper in the bathtub.  Layla took her up on the offer, but Easton isn't interested in art at all.  Layla stripped down to her undies and drew this masterpiece:

We might go ahead and frame it now so that it's in mint condition when she becomes a famous artist.

See you soon!

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