Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Passing it on

Greetings friends and family,

Layla and I took time for a daddy date while Easton was at his friend's house playing.  We do this every couple of weeks, but need to have more consistency in the timing.  I'm considering setting aside a dedicated time/day each week for one on one time with each of them.  Even though we are hyped for daddy dates it feels so odd to have only one child.  Inevitably the one I'm with will say how much they miss the other and wonder what they are doing.   We reinforce verbally how they are best friends because their view of each other in friendship will carry with them through life.  Anyway, I took Layla for a sushi lunch where she shined like a star for the sushi bar guys.

In the same way I take care of my baby, she takes care of her baby.

Layla is spending more and more play time caring for her babies, Grace and Joy.  Kendra's motherly instincts are clearly passing on to Layla.  I smile while watching her cuddle and feed and love on her dolls.  Although it is natural and normal for girls to become mothers, I'm proud to see her with such a positive outlook on childhood so she can pass that on to her own real babies someday.

New saying for the 4 Webbs --> Adventures may hurt, but monotony may kill you!

See the brave one diving off the edge?   That's Layla!

My involvement as a Dad is to help her become more of who she already is through encouragement.  Her "can do" attitude is one of her greatest traits so I look for opportunities to cultivate it.  Parenting is becoming more enjoyable every day.

See you soon!

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