Friday, September 7, 2012

Mr. Inquisitive and Miss Danger

Greetings friends and family,

Back-to-school is in full swing at pre-kindergarten and at home.  Kendra is doing some supplemental work to keep the twins ahead of the curve.  I came home from work to find our house covered in letters.  She cut out squares of paper and taped every letter to the walls in capitol and lower case.  Their scavenger hunt was to find every letter, which they did successfully.

I know, Easton is still in his pajamas.  That's a nice benefit of having Kendra stay at home with them!

At the library Easton and Layla's top request was for books about the human body.  I shined a flashlight in my eyeball after reading through the section about eyes.  They were almost speechless watching my pupils dilate.  Another section Easton took an interest in is the intestines.  Dear God, why must everything revolve around bodily sounds and excrement?  He's as interested to know how food gets from the stomach into the small intestines as he is to know why owls like the taste of mice.  

Yesterday as Easton and I were playing dog fights with airplanes he asked, "What do you like about me, Dad?"  He wasn't being insecure though.  it was just a real, honest question, but I was surprised to hear it.  I ask him sometimes to describe what he likes about his friends at school because I want him to see others for their positive attributes.  I told him that I like how thoughtful and kind hearted he is.  I like how handsome he is (kind of a compliment to myself at the same time).  I like how he is funny and silly.  After I went through my short list about him he jumped right back into play-mode and off we went to gun down the bad guys with our airplanes.

We spent an afternoon swimming and playing with Ben and TT, our friend's set of twins.  The older twins dove through the hula hoop.  Layla's motto should be "anything you can do I can do better" because she told me raise the hula hoop up higher than they had it.  She also asked us to chant "USA, USA!" while she prepared like an Olympic diver.  Her tolerance for danger and risk is much higher than I prefer, but I encourage her none the less to spread her wings and flap as fast as she wants.

Easton was happy just to jump through it even though he knows how to dive.  They did repeated for about 30 minutes.

The summer is waning slowly and I can't wait for park-friendly weather, but I'll miss our pool time.  See you soon!

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