Monday, September 3, 2012

Stay-cation Holiday

Greetings friends and family,

I spent the four-day weekend at home with mi familia.  Many people traveled, some people went to local resorts.  I had the ultimate Stay-cation where because we STAYED at home most of the weekend.  Kendra was able to run errands, window shop, and go do things for herself to make the most of my time at home.  I took the twins to run a few errands and grab some lunch.  Layla asked to wear a princess outfit as usual.  I agreed as usual.  People don't jump into a conversation with us like they did when the twins were babies, but they still draw nice compliments and greetings as we wander through crowds.  They are still close enough to the same height that people recognize them as twins.  However, the real sunshine they bring is solely based on their manners and smiles and friendliness.

People notice things like the way they share or their good table manners or their kindness.  On this particular day Layla walked through the crowded restaurant like a home coming queen riding in a convertible through a parade.  She smiled and waved.  People complimented and she kindly thanked them.  During lunch Easton walked around to my side of the table.  He gave me a big hug and loudly exclaimed, "I love you, Dad, ALL the time... just because."  The table next to us let out a big sigh and "aweeeeee, how sweet."  Easton was only slightly embarrassed after realizing other people heard him say that.  In those moments I'm making mental snow angels to fully enjoy it while they last.

The twins have always been good sleepers and continue their pattern even now.  8 PM to 7 AM, just like clockwork.  They could set the Big Ben clock to Easton's snore and Layla's drool.  

I don't sit around in their rooms for hours watching them sleep or anything creepy like that, but I do take a few minutes occasionally and just watch.  They are so peaceful and innocent.  Their eyes and ears have not been exposed to 3,000 commercials and marketing impressions PER DAY like the average person in the US.  They haven't witnessed evil unless you count Captain Hook and Mother Gothel.

Easton asked one of his notoriously deep questions last night because we regularly tell them, "You are gifts from God!"  He asked, "Why did God give us to you as gifts?"  My answer is, "Because God knew we would do our best to keep you safe and protect your minds."

The biggest realization from watching them sleep was noticing how their blankets don't cover their feet anymore.  They used to fit easily under their Nunu, then we switched to the embroidered blankets and then to the ones they have now.  The seasons of change regarding their growth are marked by the requirement for a longer blanket to cover them.  The blankets are like rings of a tree and how those are used to calculate the age of the tree.  We'll keep their blankets through the years and find a way to display them.  Not sure how much they will appreciate the thought, but watching them outgrown each new blanket sure means a lot to me.

See you soon!

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