Monday, September 10, 2012

Sunday Dinner

Greetings friends and family,

Growing up there were some very stable things in life I counted on.  Which house we lived in was not one of them, but I learned a house doesn't equal a home.  However, I could count on Sunday.  We would wake up to blueberry muffins, go to Sunday School, and then church service.  I was always cold during church because I've always been skinny.  Afterward church, we climbed into our car that had been sitting in the warm sun.  I would press my face against the window and rejuvenate my chilly extremities. Those few moments of warmth are my "happy place".  when someone says you should close your eyes and go to your happy place, that's where I go.

The other part of Sunday I could count on was a big Sunday dinner.  In Missouri dinner is lunch, at noon.  We would walk into the house filled with aromas of whatever Mom had simmering in the crock pot for the past few hours.  There is just something special about enjoying a big family meal after Sunday church.

Kendra wasn't raised that way so our traditions are significantly different for Sunday noon meal.  it's an adjustment, but marriage is about compromises, which we are both getting very good at making.  Today we invited about 20 friends over for football, an open grill, and pool volleyball.  Kendra worked her tail off to make the event a smashing success, but I know we won't be doing this on a regular basis because we were both drained by the end of the day.

Easton and Layla were entertained by Ben and TT, but Layla also provided her own entertainment for the guests who stayed around.  I turned on some Mozart ballet music and she danced her heart out.

Arizona is an odd place when it comes to weather.  When the sun is out we stay inside because it's 108 degrees.  when it rains we put on rain gear and go splash in the puddles!  We had enough of a storm come through where the rain was something measurable and the twins had enough time to go play in the rain before it quit.

Pre-K is going really well for Easton and Layla.  Sounds like Kendra is leaning towards sending them to public school next year, but I'm entirely uncomfortable with the whole idea.  We have so many things to work out of what we are going to do with their schooling, but these next few months will fly by so we better get to some decision points pretty quick about home school vs. charter school vs. public school.

See you soon!

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