Saturday, April 17, 2010

zoo and parks

Hey friends and family,

The 4 Webbs took a trip to the zoo and the animals were out in full force. We even ventured into the monkey cage with the twins where the zoo allows people to walk along a path infested with small, disgruntled monkeys climbing around. That was my favorite part.

Easton's favorite part was the orangutan construction site where huge tractors and dump trucks rolled by. However, the twins were a little frightened by the jack hammering noises.

It's rare to see their "concerned" face, but we did our best to comfort them. I think Kendra's favorite animals are the rhinoceroses. We were lucky enough to catch them out milling around instead of their usual hidden watering hole in the back.

Layla tried on my cowboy hat on the way home and although the side-ways look isn't the intended position to wear a hat like that, it still turned out to be very cute of Layla.

This next picture is humorous to me because Easton looks so sweet and bashful, but Layla looks like a mafia gangster trying to intimidate a foe. In reality the camera just caught her unappealing facial expression as she munched away at Nilla wafers. Terrible picture of Layla, but an awesome picture of Easton... Oh well, we take the good with the bad.

Thanks, Tam, for the Jamba Juice coupon email! I took them straight away to gulp down the citrus passion with immunity boost. Now, if I can just figure out how to keep them from poking a hole in the bottom of the cup with their straw? (messy, messy)

I asked Easton and Layla which park they wanted to see and I heard an overwhelming, "dog park!" from the back seat. They like playing there for many reasons. The sand is fine enough they can walk in it without shoes.

Surprisingly, both of the twins like the feeling of sand, but aren't much for grass between their toes.

Layla climbed the 8 foot tall rock wall all by herself. She's a natural born rock climber! I know my comments are sarcastic or exaggerations sometimes, but i'm serious on this one. Layla scaled the rock wall with zero assistance from me. Even the other neighborhood mom with a 2 year old of her own was impressed enough to comment on her accomplishment.

The jungle gym equipment here is much higher than other parks, but that makes for long, fast slides. The only thing that could take Easton's attention away from the super long twisty slide is a low-flying helicopter. They both stopped at the top of the steps and sat down to watch it fly over.

It's Saturday night and since Kendra went out dancing with her girlfriends we decided to do some dancing of our own at home.

Eat your heart out, John Travolta! Easton has the REAL Saturday night fever moves.

And of course, Ballerina Layla had her time to twirl with the symphony music.

We know how to do Saturday nights at the Webb house...

See you soon!

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