Wednesday, April 28, 2010

single mom respect

Hi friends and family,

Did you think I forgot about the 4Webbs blog? Not hardly! I was in LA for work and Kendra was home alone with the twins for the longest stretch of days since they were born. I travel rarely, but chose to attend the work conference because of the relevance for my job.

Even though I barely had time to sleep a few hours each night because the schedule was so packed, I did manage to attend the Lakers playoff game against the OKC Thunder. The experience was amazing and I'm really happy they won the game. I've been talking about attending a Lakers game in LA for more than 10 years! Once I discovered my hotel was walking distance from the Lakers arena I knew this was my once in a lifetime opportunity to do it.

I also visited Hollywood and did the Walk of Fame. Sure was different than I expected. What a bunch of fruits and nuts walking around that place. It made for an interesting people watching experience though. The walk seemed like a mile long and lined both sides of the street. Some were familiar stars such as Chuck Norris:

I'm not an extraordinary fan of his, but you must admit he is a fist-full of awesomeness. However, many were people I either didn't recognize or couldn't believe they deserve a star. Big Bird? Come on... seriously?

While I was livin' la vida loca Kendra was home alone with the twins for days on end. Luckily our friends are awesome and made extra efforts to keep her sane with meals, friendship, and twin-sitting. Kendra said she has a new-found respect for single moms and the difficulties they face day to day. That must be very difficult and I'm sad some women have to take on that level of responsibility and stress. She and the twins did fine so it was a successful (although stressful) week for both of us.

Easton and Layla put their artistic talents in action to create a surprise for me. What skill and use of color!

and the final product (with some assistance from mommy):

Isn't that sweet and considerate? I felt special knowing they took time to create the sign for me and did it with their own loving hands.

The only tragedy while I was away is related to their pajamas. Kendra said, "since it is getting hot and I didn't want to pay $20 for new pajamas I just used scissors and cut up the old ones!"

Not exactly what I was expecting to see, but I can't fault her for saving a few bucks. I missed out on the Tuesday swim lesson. Kendra said it went very well and the twins are getting more comfortable already even though it has only been 2 lessons.

I'm relieved to be home more than anyone knows. Seeing their smiling faces at the airport was the highlight of my day. I'm back on the blogging bandwagon so come back soon!

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