Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Hey friends and family,

Our Easter wishes came true and Kendra's parents spent the weekend with us! We had an amazing few days and just like every other time we spend together it was too short. This Easter was 10 times more fun than last Easter because the twins were able to join in the egg hunt and play time much more interactively. They are 26 months old this week, but you would think their birthday is every day because they continue wearing birthday hats, playing with birthday balloons and singing, "Happy Birthday" about every other day. Easton always adds "I want to eat cake" at the end of every birthday reference.

And now for the Easter adventure... I'll only focus this blog on today and then work my way backwards over the next couple of posts. There is no reason other than I'm lazy and don't want to spend the next 3 hours on a single post. Besides, if I spread it out over the next few days it will allow me to linger longer in memories of the weekend. This one is my favorite of the day for obvious reasons:

Lest anyone believe Layla wrote the words on the chalkboard, I'm proudly raising my hand admitting it is my terrible penmanship. Hey, why do you think I chose a career in computers??? Layla and I hit the full scope of father-daughter relations today. I had to discipline her for screaming like a banshee all the way home from church and a few other moments where she chose not to share. But we also had several moments of hugs and kisses where in the midst of her "go, Go, GO!" expressions she stopped and spent a moment loving on Daddy.

We started out the day by arriving at church on time! Hooray for team Oma and Opa.

Then after church we caught up with Kendra who wore the green T-shirt as her "Easter wear" because she helped teach the kids class.

After church Layla proved she is 2 years old and going on 10 by wearing Oma's high heeled shoes around the house. She was walking so well in them it was scary.

After lunch and nap time our friends came over and we spent the next few hours in a joint whirlwind of excitement. Playtime outside turned into Layla and Layla Ruth starting their own chick biker gang. Nothing says "tough" like a lady bug on the front of your bike?

Then we put on an Easter egg hunt in the green belt down the street. Layla took off with lightening speed collecting egg after egg.

Easton found one egg and sat down. He opened it up and inspected the loose change inside. He is such a content, thoughtful guy.

I'm extremely grateful to have Oma and Opa here to share Easter with us.

You may notice there very few pictures of Easton by himself. The reason is because he clung to Oma and gravitated towards her every possible minute they were around. One time he actually side me as I knelt down to the ground and opened my arms for a hug. Oma was behind me and he passed me as if I were not even there. I didn't take it personally. I am pleased with how much he loves Oma and Opa both.

Yes, Layla and Layla Ruth have matching dresses. I thought Kendra's idea for them to wear matching dresses was awesome. They are such good friends. When Layla Ruth left tonight they hugged once, then came back together for a second round of good-bye hugs.

Layla and Easton carried their baskets well and had no problems with sharing because the eggs were plentiful. By sharing I mean not stealing each other's belongings. It happens more often around our house than you can imagine.

Since our Easter weather was the standard ho-hum 80 degrees, calm winds, and sun we let the kids play with the water table in our back yard. Landon went swimming in our pool for a short time, but he's 8 years old and doesn't care what the water temperature is. The other 3 amigos doused each other and giggled the afternoon away.

The ONLY disappointing part of the day is anticipating Oma and Opa's departure early tomorrow morning. Having them in our house is always awesomely fun. I almost feel guilty about getting along so well with my in-laws because it is so rare. Hopefully we won't have to wait until July to see them again.

See you soon!


Anonymous said...

Daphne and I were just looking at the blog. She said, "That's Layla! She's beautiful! What a cutie pie!"....Thanks for sharing the Easter pics. We'll try to get ours up on fb soon. Joanie

nana said...

Thanks for sharing your
Easter time on the blog so quickly. I am about to cry upon seeing the sweet twins and Oma and Opa with you and them. It is great that they made it down your way. The sweet dresses are so adorable on the girls. Missing you even more, love ya gobs, MOM