Tuesday, April 13, 2010

another dimension

Right now sitting behind me are two toddlers playing separately and quietly. The odd experience is causing me to question if I woke up this morning and entered the twilight zone. If this really is happening and I'm not dreaming or in another dimension then it means the 4 Webbs are moving into a whole new era of parent-child interaction. Or maybe I should say, "self-sufficiency"? Whatever words are used to describe the moment it is sensational.

For the past 26 months one or both of us have been physically, actively involved with Easton and Layla every second of their waking day. Over the past few months I've lightened up and let them wonder into other rooms in the house for a few minutes alone to explore, but ALL parents know the "It's TOO quiet" sinking feeling. It prompts me to go see what mischief they are into, which usually results in maneuvering them back into the play room.


After writing the two paragraphs above Easton attempted to take Layla's Snow White doll. She screamed, Easton cried, and both ended up in time-out. Oh well... it was blissful while it lasted.

(a day goes by)

Lesson learned: Get TWO of EVERYTHING when you're dealing with twins! The short story is: Now we have TWO Snow White dolls in the house and peace has spread throughout the kingdom. The birds are chirping, Layla is singing, "I'm wishing, I'm wishing, for the one I love" and Easton is pretending to sleep on the 7 dwarf's bed.

With that story in mind, I believe we are now at DefCon 4 on the "mine" stage and sharing opportunities. As with most battles, you win some and you lose some. The main goal is to keep on trying! We strive to be consistent and unified in our boundaries and discipline. We can tell their little brains are soaking it in.

Firstly, Easton and Layla DO share, especially when they have multiple items and it's not the last one. Exhibit A:

Notice he has one Buzz Lightyear (who he is unwilling to give away), but gladly feeds Layla some craisins because there are plenty of them.

As he was doing this he said something about "just like at the zoo", which I can interpret as he was comparing feeding Layla to feeding the giraffe at the zoo. He is comprehends the compare and contrast concept well!

We have TWO buses, but Layla thought it would be fun to chase Easton as he ran around the cul de sac. These are some older pictures from Oma and Opa's visit.

Last week I took the twins to the store and bought roses for Mommy. We surprised her with them and she loved it. Ever since then when we go to the green belt and play, Easton and Layla pick flowers and give them to me.

Isn't that sweet? It is moments like these when I realize our efforts to role model sharing and giving are working!

Layla's not afraid to get filthy dirty especially when it comes to sidewalk art and drawing. Certainly makes for value-added bath time though. They are really getting their money's worth!

I'm not sure what it is about this picture that warms my heart, but I do like it. Maybe it's Opa "coach" posture even when he's sitting on the bench and how he's keeping a watchful eye on Easton without being overbearing.

Layla is absolutely a daddy's girl. I don't think i'll ever outgrow the special feeling of her voluntarily giving me hugs.

We took advantage of Oma and Opa being in town. The first evening here we made plans with our friends for a date night and said, "bye bye"!

Knowing the twins are in Oma and Opa's capable hands means our nights out are 10 times more relaxing and enjoyable.

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