Sunday, April 11, 2010

The twins club

Hey friends and family,

We are good friends with the Douglas' who also have twins. Their support and relationship has meant so much to the 4 Webbs because they can truly understand the unique situations encountered while parenting twins. And we also are friends with Scott and Marisue who don't have kids of their own, but treat Easton and Layla as if they were. I'm happy to announce Scott and Marisue are expecting! That news itself is wonderful, but the bigger more exciting blessing is: They are expecting TWINS!

Kendra and I believe they have been a part of our lives as close friends, but apparently God also allowed our paths to cross so they could get a front row seat to what life is like with twins as a preparation for their own path.

This is a repost of Kendra and the twins with Scott and Marisue from November 2008.

How about that for an odd bit of foreshadowing? Congratulations to Scott and Marisue. I think the due date is October/September timeframe. Welcome to the club!

While I'm taking a trip down memory lane allow me to share a picture from just 7 months ago

Easton has grown up since then, but Layla looks dramatically older partly due to her hair finally growing in. Same coffee table, same kids, just add 9 months and presto! They are happy toddlers instead of little babies.

Yes, Layla still has her pacifier at night and her pajamas are on backwards. The time has come to say good bye to the pacifier so starting this coming week we will begin (slowly) whittling away the pacifier one snip at a time. Today for nap time she wore normal top and bottom pajamas with great results. She still had her clothes on after nap time, so that is a resounding success.

Easton still sucks his thumb... Not much we can do about that, but there may come a day when we have to intervene and stop the thumb sucking.

We gave him a Spiderman hat:

and he started climbing the walls.

We gave him the Buzz Lightyear hat:

and started going wheelies around the house on his bus.

I wonder if we give him the tiger hat from the zoo if he will become a world famous pro golfer? That may be stretching it... Either way, Layla is rubbing off on him as he becomes more daring and brave. He used to have not interest in keeping up with Layla, but lately he's following her more often. That's also because she bosses him around and says, "Easton, follow me!" with the appropriate hand gestures.

Speaking of following, Layla is quite the athlete just like Kendra. I took the twins to spectate during Mommy's pre-game warm up and the twins ended up kicking the ball around like semi-pros as the audience of Kendra's teammates cheered them.

and to wrap up the story, here's a picture from earlier that day where Layla put on Kendra's hat. Layla just uses hats as "accessories" instead of superhero powers like Easton.

My lovely Layla is the very definition of adorable.

After church this morning we went to yet another new park. It is just on the verge of being too hot to be in the mid-day sun so we are soaking up the last bits of spring before going into our summer hibernation. We rarely encounter water fountains and even when they are within sight Kendra is prepared enough with our sippy cups the water fountains are unnecessary.

Just for fun I wanted to let the twins sip from it because right now in their lives it is all about having experiences and broadening their horizons. Easton giggled and slurped and choked as the water went all over his face.

Layla was so overheated from running around the park at full speed she was refreshed by the water pouring over her face.

The coolest thing about the new park was the real-life excavator equipment. The two-handed boom and bucket were operational and Easton had a blast scooping up the sand and dumping it out by the bucket loads.

We can always tell he is excited when he tucks his bottom lip under his teeth. Things only a parent would notice. :)

This coming week includes two more soccer games for Kendra and a whole new set of adventures with Easton and Layla.

See you soon!

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Scott & Marisue said...

Thanks for the post! We are so excited to have twins on the way! We never dreamed we'd be part of the "Twins Club" but God has a plan for us. Thank you both for your support and friendship. We love you guys and are thankful God brought us together. You both are and will be such a great source of advice and wisdom during our own twin journey. ~Marisue & Scott