Thursday, April 15, 2010

summer shift

Hi friends and family,

The Arizona sun is heating us up to the point where outdoor activities with the twins are scheduled before 10 AM or after 4 PM. Well, the water table is still a viable option during the heat of the day, but we lather up the twins with SPF 250 sunscreen. Did you know they have sunscreen in the form of a small stick of deodorant? I never cease to be amazed by the ingenuity when it comes to parenting gear.

Easton and Layla start swim lessons in 2 weeks, but until then the only way they keep cool is throwing cups of water on each other. You might notice he has RED crocs now instead of borrowing Layla's pink extras. (ahem, Marisue) I'm proud to take on the title of "Inspector Craigslist". Go Go Craigslist shopper! We drove to the adjacent neighborhood, I rang the doorbell, handed the guy a $5 bill and he handed me the Crocs. Wow, that was easy and I guarantee Easton didn't care where they came from.

Arrrrrrgh! Not on Mommy and Daddy. Layla was one step away from dousing us with a cup for each parent. She's modeling the new line of Minnie Mouse swimwear.

Special thanks to Coleen for referring me to where they stole my idea of backwards pajamas. OK, maybe they didn't steal my idea, but they beat me to patent and market it. The homepage says, "Sleepwear that stays put!"

I knew I wasn't the first parent to wrestle with the issue of a crafty toddler who removes pajamas, but I wasn't sure if the idea had already been marketed. I notice they have a Trade Mark next to their slogan so I imagine it's an idea not worth pursuing. So instead of going on Oprah with my million dollar idea and making... a million dollars... I'll pursue buying a set of PJs for Layla (when they are back in stock) and concede the business idea. Their website is super slow and the design is hokey, but don't pay attention to my disparaging comment because it is rooted in jealously.

I'm excited for tomorrow because it is the start of the weekend and we are heading to the zoo for some family time.

See you soon!


Scott & Marisue said...

Oh I'm so glad to see that Easton has some red crocs! Maybe the psychological damage can be reversed! At this point I'm sure he could care long as he has some crocs like Layla you should be good to go. :0)

nana webb said...

Easton and Layla look great in their cute bathing suits. Climbing an 8 foot wall is so awesome of Layla. Love ya gobs, MOM

The Four Webbs said...

I still prefer pink on Layla and Blue on Easton just as I have for the past 2 years, but you're right... Easton doesn't even care or notice. Although I do like to hear him say, "blue". It comes at as "be-you".

Mom, I agree they are cute with their toddler belly sticking out. We love you too!