Wednesday, April 21, 2010

stay away

Hey friends and family,

The independence bug Layla caught many months finally passed on to Easton. Today at the park as the twins climbed up the two-rung ladder I stood close by. Layla did fine on her own and I had no intention of intervening or assisting. Then it was Easton's turn and as he started his ascent he let go of one hand and waved me off saying, "Stay away, daddy. I do it." He wasn't disrespectful about it, but rather matter of fact. He made it clear my services of assistance were no longer needed and he's got it. Other than asking him to say, "please" when making requests I was proud of him for the display of self-confidence. Hooray for Easton!

Kendra's play dates for the past couple of days went well from what Kendra says. I wouldn't know because I have this thing called "work" which keeps getting in the way of play time. :) Thank God for a job... I'm not complaining.

Who is the toddler with his face in the stream of water from the hose??? Easton, of course.

And this is what life would be like if we had sextuplets (I can't even imagine):

Easton and Layla started a 6 week program of swim lessons. They had an excellent first day. The teachers pointed out their good motor and listening skills. Kendra says the facility is great. You can also see in this picture Easton is already making friends with the other child participating with the twins. 3 kids for 2 teachers. that's a good ratio for the cost from what i've heard.

Easton was as fearless as Layla. Our main concern was making sure Easton would agree to the terms, which are: mommy stays in an adjacent room with a one-way mirror and the teachers are the ones interacting with Easton and Layla. As you can tell by his smile, he had a blast learning the basics.

Back at home we are in the midst of intense potty training. The temperature in the house and outside is warm enough they can run around without pants for the quick trip to sit on the potty. Looks like we're getting about one successful try per day for each of them.

The sticker boards are getting filled with princess and Thomas the Train stickers!

Layla is misusing the slide now. she climbs up the steps and LEAPS off the front without ever touching the slide part.

She lands on her feet and does a great job of balancing. We are cautious because we want to make sure she doesn't get hurt and also because Easton is starting to do his best to keep up with sister at any cost!

Kendra fell down a flight of stairs today, but says she didn't sustain any injuries at all. Apparently she just slipped and tumbled down the steps as Easton and Layla watched her roll. She didn't freak out or get hurt so the twins took her response as their own, luckily. I was relieved to hear she is OK and she's heading to the doctor tomorrow just to make sure everything is still in place. Keep her in your prayers for safe keeping and a good report!

We are both wiped out physically and mentally so we are planning to set a new record in the Casa de Webb for the earliest sleep time in history.

Good night and I'll see you soon!

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