Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas Time 4 Webbs

Merry Christmas friends and family,

I'm into the middle of my second week off work in a row.  It's starting to really feel like vacation now!  I didn't get many pics of our house all decorated, but here's one of the living room during one of our many parties.  A couple of people described this as one of the best Christmas parties they've ever enjoyed.

Our family together time was a big hit.  We were happy to have Christmas eve at Logan and Bree's house before hosting Christmas day at our house.  Easton was treated to a cooperative game of Lego Star Wars on the PlayStation with Logan, who is a full-time gamer.  For real...  He makes his living playing video games and Easton got a crash course lesson from one of the gaming elite.

Then I played Halo with Logan and he beat me by a little.  You know...  a score of 23 to 1 isn't considered a close match, but my ego doesn't do well with getting skunked on my own gaming system!

The video of Layla and Easton dancing from the last blog post doesn't show the view I had of the rest of the church time.  I sat across the way with Easton and got to watch as Kendra, Mom, Dad, Bree all listened to the message.  Layla got to play on Kendra's iPhone.  Maybe next year she'll be ready to pay attention to the preaching?

One of these fine sunny days Ouma and Oupa went with the twins and I to the skate park.  We watched as they zipped around the concrete jungle.  There happened to be one other girl there that day.  She was shy and her mom was sitting next to us.  Layla came up to us and I encouraged her to go say hello.  She did and the two of them scootered around the park together the rest of our time there.  Layla is as friendly as they come.

Not sure why this video is sideways...  The reason this video is important is because this is probably the last year the twins will be small enough for me to walk around with them sitting on my feet.  By this time next year they'll be so tall and heavy that I doubt i'll be strong enough to lug them around.  The mentioned the mistletoe we just walked under so I gave each of them a kiss.  I love this view of my twins.  I'll miss it as they grow up so this video is as much for me as it is for everyone else to see.

and in case the video doesn't work for some reason, he's a picture of my view as we walked around the house together.  

Every day includes two snacks.  One between each meal.  I had the privilege of taking care of snack time so I made it a little fun.  I made a happy face for them.  Fresh ginger for the hair, cream cheese on crackers for the eyes, a raspberry for the nose, ants on a log for the mouth, and chocolate chips to make the curve of the smile.

Sometimes going the extra mile is as simple as adding a little fun into the mundane.

The strider twins are here!  For over a year we've been working on the twins to ride their bikes without training wheels.  We haven't had much luck though.  They insist it's too hard.  So dad helped me take the cranks off their pedal bikes and we turned them into striders.  That means bikes where they scoot along with their feet while balancing on two wheels.  Sorry my filter was set wrong on my camera, but here is Easton on his big boy bike.  notice the pedals and crank are all gone.

Layla hadn't received her big girl bike for Christmas yet so we turned her smaller bike into a strider.

They got the hang of it within an hour or so.  I decided to show them how fast and far they could go on two wheels so we went to the bakery about a mile away from our house.  It was a bit further than I expected, but they got really good at balancing really quickly.  By the time we got home they were practically begging me to put the pedals on their bikes because they saw how much faster I could go by pedaling compared to their striding.

Christmas day was spent in our pajamas.  The whole family for the whole day.  Here's a picture of our post-present unwrapping mess and hang out time with the family.  This picture is a good representation of how blessed I really am.  I am grateful beyond words for the chance to live such a blessed life.

One more post tomorrow and I'll wrap up Christmas!

See you soon.

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