Monday, December 15, 2014

Parties and Preparation

I'm Blogging from the bed tonight since Kendra and I spent the entire evening in "intense fellowship".  Sometimes it be that way. Tomorrow is a new day though!

All is well at the Webb house as we prepare for Christmas company and holiday cheer.  There will be no room at the Inn when after everyone arrives. We are excited to get family together for sharing, adventures, baking, and all the fun stuff that goes along with this season.

I walked into the great room to find Kendra holding still so that Layla could braid her hair.  It's time for Layla to start braiding Mommy's hair.  Layla would make a great beautician.

Kendra hosted the annual Christmas cookie exchange party for the neighborhood ladies this year.  Everyone had a great time, but I was not involved or invited at all.  The house is excellently decorated this year and we're getting good use from the party place known as the Webb house. The annual tradition for these neighbors dates back to when Mary lived in our house.  Kendra jumped right in to the baking and friendly role that Mary left behind.

Layla has a friend at school who is so similar to her in personality that they clash.  Last year they were at odds with each other more than friends.  However, this year they are in separate classes.  Layla asked repeatedly when she can have a play date with Alex.  Kendra made the appropriate arrangements and they had a blast at our house.  They danced and sang Frozen songs, played dress-up, and had a tea party.  This was a few hours worth of entertainment for Layla and some peace and quiet for Easton.

Easton's friends at school are football fans.  More than likely because their dad is.  I haven't watched a game all year, but Easton keeps referencing players on teams that I've never heard of.  He also asked for football for Christmas, which he will get.  Easton is happy to throw the little rubber football around with us in the backyard.  He's getting better every day with using his hands to catch and learning the game.  I don't think his personality nor body are designed for football, but i'm all for helping him follow his passions.

We've been hanging out at the park often lately because of the excellent weather and their desire to ride scooters around everywhere.  layla is getting really good at hanging out!

Easton knows he's getting his lego titanic for Christmas.  We tracked the package all the way to our doorstep.  We heard the UPS truck driving up our street and he ran out the front door to meet him.  From the moment he brought it inside he's been excited about Christmas day.  I am so very proud of his self-control because it is sitting wrapped under the Christmas tree staring at him every day and he hasn't opened it.

One morning at 3:00 AM Easton came into our room wide awake.  He was complaining about his ear hurting.  Once I realized he wasn't going to go back to sleep I got up and we went to the emergency room.  Easton is a hard sleeper so it must have been terribly painful to wake him up.

We drove to the hospital where the nurse sat him in a reclining bed - chair thing.  The nurse gave him the remote and he played with the chair for the next 30 minutes while we waited for the doctor.

He was brave and calm the whole time even with the pain in his ear.  The doctor looked in his ear and said, "it's a little red.  Here's a prescription for Amoxicillin.  Good luck!"  That'll be $400 please...

By the time we left the hospital easton was very hungry, but not much was open for a meal.  We stopped by Dunkin Doughnuts because, well... they had doughnuts.

We made the most of the time together even though I'd rather be sleeping and avoid Easton getting an ear infection.  We just go the flow and take it one day at a time together.  His ear infection is almost completely gone and everything is back to normal.

The twins get screen time (or device time or computer time) once in a while.  I heard some video coming from Easton's room and walked in to find him watching a documentary on Youtube about how the Titanic was built.  He just can't get enough of that ship.  He also asked if we could have a party this coming April 14th or 15th to celebrate the day it sank.  I remained non-committal on the whole party idea.

Another moment with the girls involved Kendra with her new friend Mallory.  She and her boyfriend are friends of ours.  I won 4 tickets from work to see Handel's Messiah performed by the Phoenix Symphony.  I would definitely not pay $80 per ticket to see this event, but since the tickets were free and last-minute (due to a cancellation) we invited our friends.

We planned on meeting for a nice dinner, but their busy day didn't allow them to meet us out in time before the event.  Kendra and I were content to eat In-N-Out burgers from the drive-thru.  I had visions of seafood or steaks with a candle lit table, but instead I got mustard on my pants.  Even so, I was with Kendra and that made the whole night worth every minute.  The baritone sounded so much like the cowardly lion from the Wizard of Oz.  The two of us were giggling through his solos.  I know, it's childish and unrefined, but we had a great time.

Last minute preparation for the Christmas season is on tap for this week. last week of school, last week of work, last week of shopping.   I'll be happy when Friday gets here so I can relax and vacation like nobody has every vacationed before.  it'll be check-out time from work and I've got a serious case of senioritis towards work.  It's difficult to care about much of anything related to work because I just really need a break.  Almost here!

see you soon.

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