Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Hole in the Rock

Merry Christmas friends and family,

The 4 Webbs are completely partied out. The Christmas season started the day before Thanksgiving with hanging decorations.  We've hosted so many parties at our house since then I can't even keep track.  Kendra loved every moment of hosting and sharing Christmas cheer with our neighbors, friends, church family, and business ventures.

but now it's finally over.  Our house was built by Aunt Mary as the perfect party home and we are fully utilizing it the way it was designed.  We describe our humble abode as the "house of healing" because the atmosphere we create is providing many opportunities to help people.  Relationships matter!  The amount of time, money, and effort we use to create relationships is all well spent because we are making a difference in the lives of those around us.  I am grateful for the opportunity to impact others by just opening our house and our hearts with those who choose to be a part of our lives.

Ouma and Oupa are both in town, finally...  We had a daily countdown for the past few months of when they would be here and now is the time!  Oupa took a detour in LA to watch the California state football championship.  We rigged our TV at home to stream the game live through the internet.  Here's a picture of Ouma and Kendra cheering for their hometown.  They won by a landslide, which made Oupa's trip there even more enjoyable.

The twins are both sorta sick.  Doctor said they are both just fighting the same ole' viral crud many other people are working through this season.  We're minimizing the adventures so they can be full-speed ahead for Christmas eve and day.  We took a short trip to the Hole in the Rock.  The last trip we took here was almost two years ago and this is the picture I took of the twins standing in the hole.

this time we have Ouma and Oupa with us so I took their pic as proof they wuz here too.  They are troopers for climbing up the path to get to the top.

and here are the twins posing for a picture next to a different hole in the same rock.  They have grown so much in just two years it is eyebrow raising to see the comparison pics.

We stood out on the edge looking over the city.  I take every opportunity of lifting the twins up to heights where they can see the city and landscape from the tops-down view.  Too many kids get an isolated, tunnel vision view of their environment by just seeing their little corner of the neighborhood or streets.  Our adventures almost always provide situations to use as teaching tools.  I am constantly looking for ways to explain the world around the twins.  The better they comprehend reality as God sees it, the more they will believe the truth of the power and authority they carry.

The downtown Phoenix view in the background of our 4 Webbs picture is barely visible because of the haze.  We could use a little rain to clear the air, but other than that we were given a perfect day with no wind, plenty of sun, and temperatures well suited to going for a hike.

I am grateful for Kendra's ability and desire to teach the twins.  She uses all the senses to build  into them the wonders and mystery of the world around them.  I walked up as she was sitting on the bench by the mayor's pyramid tomb.  She was pointing out all of the animals in the zoo down below and asking them questions about their characteristics.  Just because school is out for a break doesn't mean we should disconnect their brains and let them play video games all day.  There is an amazing world outside of our doors and we are doing everything we can to make sure Easton and Layla are aware of it.  Some day they'll get to live in it!

These posts are completely out of chronological order, but i'm looking forward to the next few from events in the past week.  Christmas is only one day away!  All six of us in the Webb house are equally excited to have a big family day.

See you soon.

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