Sunday, November 30, 2014

Still in Our Pajamas

Gobble, gobble friends and family,

The 4 Webbs were Lazy with a capital L and I am feeling more refreshed and peaceful than I've been in months.  Our vacations for the past 6 years with the twins have been epic.  I am grateful beyond words for the opportunities we have to travel and be with family.  I wouldn't change the experiences we've had together for anything in the world.

Kendra and I can't remember the last time the 4 of us spent 4 (or more) days in our own home with no work or school.  We've traveled for days and weeks at a time together, but I never realized the value of just being at home until now. This Thanksgiving we decided to stay at home for a change.  Partly financial as we recover fully from the busy summer, but also because we wanted to be together experiencing true rest and relaxation.  The only visitors we allowed into our house were Logan and Bree.  We slept in.  By "we" I mean Kendra and I.  Early bird Easton was up at the crack of dawn like he always is.  He woke up Layla early too because playing together is always more fun.

The rules of the house were very relaxed along with our general demeanor.  However, we don't allow green juice on the couch so they sat on the tile next to our real Christmas tree for a healthy start to the day.

TV watching was scarce, but we sat around a few times to watch documentary shows and Wild Kratts episodes.

Kendra threatened me if I posted this next pic to social media so I respected her boundaries.  However, the blog is much less visible and mostly for family, so here's my sweetheart in her leopard print onesie.  It was afternoon, by the way...

I woke up one morning to the sounds of the twins playing.  I shuffled towards Easton's room where the playtime action usually occurs.  The conversation coming from the room was humorous and I could tell it would be a good picture to capture.  I opened the door and snapped this one of their fort.  Notice Layla peeking out from the bottom edge of the blanket.

They were playing snakes.  I have no idea how they choose what kind of animal to be each day, but for some reason they decided being a snake would be fun.  They asked me to be the daddy snake, which I proudly accepted!  I crawled into their snake cave where they had a spot already designated as the daddy snake spot.  The part that made me most happy about this little scenario is how they had an expectation that daddy would come in and play with them in the snake cave.  Their default assumption is that daddy plays with them in their space.  That makes my heart proud!

Kendra had the bright idea of going to the next level of snakes in a cave playtime.  She said, "Layla, you should paint brother's face like a snake!"  They looked at each other with a glimmer of excitement and cheered their way to the toy closet where the water paints are located.  Layla did a great job for her first time painting a snake face.

Kendra gave Easton and I a haircut because we were getting shaggy.  Easton sat in the sink and did his best to stay still.  I would post a picture of me getting my haircut too, but I stripped down to my drawers and sat in the bathtub while Kendra sheared me like a sheep.  Not exactly a picture I want floating around on the internet.

We had a couple of more days worth of fun that I'll have to work on tomorrow.  I'm sick.  It's late.  Work tomorrow.  you know how it goes!  I can't believe December is here.  The weeks and months are starting to go by quicker and quicker all the time.

See you soon!

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