Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Nose to Nose

Greetings friends and family,

This morning Layla walked up to me at the breakfast table and put a bracelet in my hands.  she said, "I forgot how to make these so you'll have to show me again, but for now here is my bracelet that I want you to have."  I graciously accepted her gift (as always) and put it on my wrist as though it were a new Rolex watch.  She asked if I would wear it all day and I agreed.  When we met again after school and work the first thing she did was look at my wrist.  She said, "You're still wearing my bracelet!  I knew you would!"

I didn't give it much thought during the day, but when she noticed and commented I smiled proudly.  I'm proud of myself for being a man of my word.  That means more to the twins than I ever expected.  They continually challenge me when I falter in being a man of my word because occasionally I fail.  I'm happy because the twins know me to be a man of my word so much that they expect it.  If Layla would have said, "I'm surprised you are still wearing it because you don't keep your word." then I would know there are challenges to be worked through.  I'm happy to report I passed another test of parenting without even knowing i was being tested.

I've been looking forward to today and tomorrow for a few days.  Today was Layla's evening with Daddy and tomorrow is Easton's turn.  I cut out of work a little early by working through lunch while eating at my desk.  Layla asked me to help pick out her ice skating outfit because that is the first stop in our Daddy time together.  For her, the preparation is as enjoyable as the event.  She loves to get dressed up and according to her it should be a joint effort.

Layla's new ice skating lessons just started so we picked up her new badge before getting her suited up.  We have a pretty good routine down.  She rolls her Zuca down to the sitting area and sits on the bench.  I sit on the Zuca and unpack all of her gear.  skates, hat, jacket, gloves, all go on in a specific order.  Layla and I do this choreographed wardrobe dance without saying a word.  A dozen moms and I prepare our kids and then send them out on the ice.

All of the girls are practicing for the Christmas recital. they lined up and I noticed my warrior princess is the smallest of the bunch.  She is better than several of the bigger girls already.

After ice skating we went to dinner at a fancy Italian restaurant.  I have a buy-one-get-one coupon for this place.  Layla doesn't mind using coupons.  In fact, she asked if she could carry it in and present it to the waitress.  She sat across from me during dinner and talked non-stop... until the pizza arrived.  She really likes cheese pizza so I gave her one all to herself.  She only ate one slice and the rest of it went home in a box with us.

When the waitress brought the dessert tray she named every item on it and then threw in the option not offered on the tray:  flan.  Layla asked, "what is that?"  The waitress said, "It's a caramel flavored cross between jello and pudding."  Layla's eyes lit up and she looked at me for approval.  Flan it is!  She sat next to me so we could share the flan and we took some silly selfies while we waited.

Another way I know we are properly bonded as father and daughter is that I can go nose-to-nose with her and it is not only comfortable, but absolutely hysterical.  I almost apologized to the table next to us for laughing too loud.  almost.

Layla's cursive writing is getting better every day.  She can keep writing notes like this her whole life as far as I'm concerned.  I keep way too many of her pictures and notes, but I can tell they will mean as much to me in a few years as they do right now.

See you soon!

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