Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Sports Nerds

Howdy friends and family,

I bring good news to the blogging world today.  My dad has prostate cancer.  How is that good news?  Well, they put him in a metal tube where they scanned the rest of his body and found no trace of cancer anywhere else.  Knowing what battles have to be fought is the first step towards winning any war.  Dealing with the cancer in one place is not only possible, but has a high success rate.  that's encouraging, to say the least.

Kendra and I are 36 hours away from facilitating our two-day conference for church.  We are coordinating, speaking, leading, ministering, facilitating, and many other "ing" words.  it's an exciting opportunity for us, but the amount of effort required to pull it off is exhausting.  We are wiped out tired, but see the finish line just ahead.

Meanwhile, as Kendra and I are up to our eyeballs in preparation, Ouma is here to save the day!  Her presence is all we needed.  Just for her to be here and involved with the twins is such a relief.  The soccer game was much more enjoyable with Ouma cheering the twins from the sidelines.

Layla is happy to be the only girl in their entire league.  She gladly steals the ball, celebrates with the goals, and kicks the ball with all she's got.

Easton is turning out to be a dominant defensive soccer player.  Offense is too fast paced and aggressive.  However, if he has time to process the other team's breakaway coming at him he is skilled at booting the ball down the field to prevent a goal.  Every role on a team is important!

Watching Layla play soccer is fun because she really enjoys the game and competition.  I want her to be able to run fast.  That skill got me out of all kinds of trouble when I was growing up.  I told the twins, "I've never been in a fight in my entire life because in every bad situation is an opportunity to run away from it."

I "invested" in Easton and Layla's future by buying them a box of electronic snap circuits.  There are 300 projects where you snap the pieces together on the board.  Different configurations cause noises, lights, and even a helicopter blade to spin upward.  I knew Easton would be more inclined to play with it, but Layla is mildly interested.  I'm encouraging both of them to get some basic electronic ability so they can function in the technology driven world they will grow up in.

Easton couldn't wait to show me the projects he put together and how it all works.  He may turn out to be a nerd like his daddy.  If so, I'm perfectly proud of that.  If not, he is free to choose his own path in life.  A big part of my enjoyment as a dad is introducing them to new things.  Watching their eyes light up and their mind make connections is highly rewarding.

This is our crock pot.  It is about 8 years old and provided many meals for the Webb house.  It's dead!  I mean, not repairable and ready for the trash pick up.  It's a sad day for us because Kendra and Ouma rely on it's pressure and crocking ability to make delicious meals.  but now it's gone...

Lucky for us, the biggest shopping season of the year is coming up and we will be on the hunt for a suitable replacement to get us through the next 8 years.

The next couple of days will be running full-speed ahead to the finish line on Sunday afternoon.  Even though i doubt I'll take time to blog please keep us in your prayers.  I'll be excited for next week when I can go back to just being a husband, dad, employee, executive pastor, and friend.  That sounds like a breath of fresh air.  :)

See you soon!

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