Thursday, October 2, 2014

Break Out the Onesie

Greetings friends and family,

It's spirit week at Easton and Layla's school.  They had Disney day, college team day, and one other I can't remember.  Today was mis-match Thursday.  I told the twins to give me a goofy mis-match look to go along with their silly outfits.  Here's the result.

We didn't get many pictures lately of the day to day stuff, but I captured a couple when I took Layla to her weekly ice skating lesson.  A lot of people downplay selfie pictures, but this is the plight of the camera man.  I can always take pictures of others, but it's the only way I can get IN the picture most of the time.  I wish selfies were available when I was a boy because then I would have pictures of me with the people who were there in my life.  I want Layla to look back on her life in pictures and find my mug all over the place.  I can say "i was the guy taking all the pictures!" but it's not the same.  She is progressing rapidly and competitively because her other friend advanced without her to the next level up.  She doesn't understand that the other little girl has been through the same level three times and grew up ice skating.  Layla only knows that if she can nail the moves for the next few weeks that she can be with her friend again in the next level.  Whatever motivates...

She made another friend, Emmy, in this level of class.  She proudly introduced me to her friend and I awkwardly stumbled through a conversation knowing she was thinking "your dad is an old guy like my dad and totally not cool."  Layla still thinks I am though.  That's all that matters!

Layla regularly writes little notes to people.  sometimes she uses a note to say "sorry" when she's made a bad choice.  other times she expresses love to whoever will receive it.  She gave me this note and I accepted it with all the gratitude of a Grammy award.  It says "you are my favorite dad", which I appreciate more than she will ever know.

The only big news with Easton is his loose tooth.  Still wiggly and not quite ready to be launched out with a rocket.  He's going into the dentist next week to get a cavity fixed.  I hope it gets loose enough before then or the dentist might just yank it out.

Almost a month has passed since he first noticed his loose tooth.  Good grief!  how long do those things hang on?  guess i'll find out while waiting patiently with the rocket.

The big cool down hit Phoenix this past week.  The pool is closed, the windows are open, and my onesie is out of the closet.  Kendra and Layla are celebrating fall.  Easton and I are shivering already.

See you soon!

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