Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Wedding Festivities Begin

Greetings friends and family,

Today was an odd day.  I was supposed to go to the funeral of a friend's son.  I didn't check to see the time was changed to an hour earlier than the original posting so instead of being cautiously early I was way too late.  Twenty other cars roamed aimlessly with me because there wasn't a single parking spot within a half-mile of the venue.  The only comforting aspect of my oversight was that my friend must have had overwhelming support.  The idea of my son dying in my arms is barely imaginable and painful.  I have a difficult time grasping what that must be like to grow, from a seed, your very best friend into an awesome young man only to have him pass away before you.  Following this story gives me a new-found appreciation for Easton.  No matter how much I love him and the relationship we have I realize there is more to give.

We've been counting down the days for Ouma and Oupa and GG to arrive.  Each day brings additional relatives through our house like Aunt Juju and Aunt Susie, but the twins have been waiting patiently for Ouma and Oupa and GG.  They learned the calendar days and how to read a clock more in the past week than ever before.

The moment finally arrived and they are here!  Easton and I picked them up from the airport "I love you" style.  That is where you park the car, walk inside, and wait by the security entrance.  The other way is called "Curb" style, which is where you wait outside the baggage claim for the guests to walk outside.

Layla was with Aunt Susie at her ice skating lesson when their plane landed.  She had to wait until we drove home to start the celebration.  The two of them were content to get good night songs, lots of hugs, and promises that tomorrow would be filled with lots of family time.  Hooray for vacation days!  I'm taking two of my precious vacation days to join in the fun. I've been working while Kendra's been parenting, cleaning, and creating wedding decorations.  That combination leads to zero pictures or videos for the blog.  Sorry about that but the adventures will kick into full swing starting now!

There was a situation at Walmart where Easton found a set of Halloween lights that looks like a spider web with two big spiders on it.  He asked me for it and quoted the incredibly low price of $7.97.  I said, "I'm not sure if I want to get that for you tonight, but hang onto it while we shop."  He agreed and read the entire description as we walked the aisles.

As we arrived at the check-out station I said, "I don't think we'll get that tonight, but maybe another time."  He gave a short sigh and I took this picture.

Disappointed?  Yes.  Throwing a tantrum?  No.

He said, "OK...  I really want it but maybe I can get it after Halloween is over?"  I consider this response without reaction to be an incredibly sweet victory in parenting.  I know kids and adults who would have reacted with crying or screaming or crossed arms or silence or some other inappropriate way to control or manipulate their parent.  This kid is solid!  I am so proud that he is so level headed and wise.  He knows that if he reacts there is no chance he will ever get the lights, but if he responds appropriately there is a chance I might get it for him.

He's not perfect, but he is learning and growing and maturing in every way.

See you soon!

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