Sunday, October 12, 2014

Hanging with the Fancy Crew

Greetings friends and family,

Easton's tooth is still hanging in there too tightly to take it out with a rocket. i'm hopeful Sunday will be the day to do it!

The twins slept in the same room on Easton's trundle bed so that GG and Ouma and Oupa could have their own room.  I heard Layla's voice at six o' crack in the morning.  My first thought was to put in ear plugs and go back to sleep, but I felt well rested enough to get up and take care of them.  I quietly crept out the garage door and drove the three of us to Dunkin Doughnuts for breakfast.

Kendra and the rest of the family at home slept in a little longer.  I had some quality and quantity of time with the twins.  This was a win-win situation!  After breakfast there were still sleepy heads at home.  I rode bikes to the neighborhood park where we dug around in the playground.  Layla enjoys digging as much as Easton and she isn't afraid to get messy.  Here's a big ball of dirty sand.  Watch what happens when I squish it with my hands!

One of the many things Easton was looking forward to is golf lessons with Oupa.  He is following in Oupa's footsteps as closely as possible.  This is a much more meaningful picture than most would realize.  Easton is literally following in Oupa's footsteps.  It makes me happy to see Oupa is passing on a love of golf along with the many other great character traits and passions.

We hit a hundred balls and Easton hung right there with the boys.  His distance wasn't great, but he is getting the fundamentals down well.  How about this pic of a great side-by-side swing with matching gaze out to the horizon.

The last three days were one continuous party leading up to the most epic wedding we've ever been invited to.  We started out adventures with a drive up North to Cave Creek.  We met the whole family on both sides.  The twins went with us, but had no idea how awesome the experience was.  Here's the hot tub they played in with the most amazing view.

The two of them play together very well even at a stranger's house.  They had a blast playing around together while the adults mingled.  Being the only elementary school aged kids worked out just fine.  We received a few compliments about how well behaved they are.

I took more pictures these past few days than Kendra would like, but I wanted to capture these rare moments.  watching the sun set over the valley was romantic and relaxing at the same time.

this is a panorama of the view from their balcony, but it doesn't do it justice.

Here is a little perspective on the size and grandeur of the mansion / palace / estate or whatever.  Easton and Layla kicked back to relax on those monster over-sized chairs.

Off to one side of the yard I saw a rock surrounded by flowers.  I thought it would make a great surrounding for layla and I was right.   Wow, what a big girl.

I think we took a similar picture from this exact location two years ago.  I was wearing the exact same shirt.  :)  Easton and Layla are growing so fast there is no chance for them to wear the same clothes they had on last time.

Kendra's cousins and aunts took a silly picture on this same location and I think it turned out great.  they are all laugh-out-loud fun to be around.

Kendra and Ouma hit their social butterfly limit, as she regularly does.  that when they sat down by the fire pit and just hung out for a while away from the crowds.

And guess who else joined them for their break from the party?  Layla.  I know, you're completely shocked, right?  She is fitting in with the grown ups more and more every day.

We had two more days of wedding related fun so i'll get those adventures posted ASAP.  Sunday (tomorrow) will be a full day of teaching and speaking at church, but it's our last Sunday of class for a while.

See you soon!

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Anonymous said...

I especially like the pic of Easton and Steve golfing! Sure do miss seeing Ginny--love that gal! We are hoping to head your way maybe for the twins birthday but let us know when would be the best time. Love ya gobs, MOM