Saturday, August 16, 2014

All about a boy

Greetings friends and family, 

Sometimes I look back through my pics and realize they are unevenly focused on one of the twins.  I gave up on being equal and even a long time ago. This post is overwhelmingly about Easton.  I spent plenty of time with Layla but didn't capture the moments as well. 

Easton is loving first grade and his teacher.  She had a reputation for being strict.  Easton said, "yes she is a little strict but if you just obey and follow directions then she is super nice."  I consider that to be a major breakthrough. Or maybe just confirmation that our repetitive parenting style is finally paying off.  

He was given an award last week for best behavior.  His reward was to choose something from the prize box. He chose a pack of stickers and stuck them all over his shirt. I'm proud he is taking care of business at school and staying out of trouble.  

We have an Xbox and a PS3 at our house.  The odd thing is that we have zero games for the PS3 and only xbox games that are linked with the Kinect camera, which means the kids move their body, not a controller.  

I don't want them to turn into game zombies who don't move their bodies. Even so, I thought it was time to introduce them to video games with a controller.  Easton was first to jump on the chance to play.  Layla was unsure until Easton and I started playing Halo 3.  They were amazed by the graphics and how we played at the same time on the same team.  

We limit their time on the video games, but Easton has been begging me ever since the day we played together.  

I took the twins for the library for a new infusion of books.  Easton requested we go to the Titanic section.  We went directly to the info center and had her point me to the section.  We raided the entire shelf of all titanic related books !  When we checked out up front this is what the book list looked like.  

Layla picked out a few spider books (I know... Yucky, right?) and butterfly books.  We scanned the treasure chest full of goodies and loaded up our bag.  They gladly carried the heaviness to the car.  

Kendra and I had an 8am - 8pm day of church and ministry on Sunday.  It's amazing how much fun we have serving together and separately.  Although we are wiped out tired there is a huge amount of peace and fulfillment. 

The 8 week class we teach kicked off tonight. There are 35 attendees, 10 leaders we are building and many many hours put in to make it happen. We are thriving and seeing lives changed.  That's the measure of our efforts: lives changed. 

See you soon!

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