Thursday, August 21, 2014

Double Yolk

Greetings friends and family,

I'm not a big fan of how social media leads to many people taking pictures of their McDonald's hamburger or boring taco from the Bell.  Because of that I reserve food pictures for the truly spectacular.  so here it is...  I give you...  the DOUBLE YOLK EGG!

In the cafeteria at my work there is a line of people watching the grill cook up delicious breakfast.  I order two eggs and the chef grabbed two eggs to fill my request.  He broke the first one and the whole line of people gasped and freaked out.  The chef said, "the odds of a double yolk egg are one in a thousand!  what does this sign mean to you?"  I responded with, "I have twins.  that tells me I should be careful because I can only handle one set of twins."  The line of people laughed along with me.

I didn't bother to tell them we had to go through IVF to get our twins or that I have a boy and a girl or that I surgically removed myself from the realm of possibilities. It made for a good chuckle though.  Since this is officially Throwback Thursday I'll post this picture.  one of my favorites from their baby years.

They were such adorable babies.  I miss them being this age, but not enough to have more kids so I can experience it again.  Layla will sit in my lap for hours to look through baby pictures and watch videos of them.  We did that for a little while tonight.  It brings back such great memories.

Layla also wanted to watch ice skating competition videos too.  She saw some amazing Russian ice skaters and commented on how graceful they were.  She started to move her arms around as she watched the video.  She reiterated her desire to go to the Olympics.  I say, "OK, let's do it!  I know you can if you want to."

We are on the verge of starting up fall sports.  Both are playing soccer, Easton is playing golf, and Layla is ice skating.  That's all the extra curricular sports we can handle.  meanwhile, in the off season, we are continuing to swim almost every evening.  They are getting really brave with their jumps and dives lately.  Getting this next picture of them both looking at the camera took about 10 shots.  Part of my ploy was to wear them out getting up and down from the hot tub several times.  muahahahaha!

As for my back injury, it is 100% healed and I am running (literally) at full speed ahead.  I'm on day 18 of 90 with my P90X3 workout schedule.  I don't post shirtless pictures on social media because it's just not appropriate unless i was in body building or under age 30.  I'm neither, so facebook will never see this picture.  However, this is my blog and I try to be as real and open as possible.  I'm only 6 months away from turning 40.  That shocks me and scares me at the same time.  How can I be this old?  Regardless of how unbelievable it seems, the truth is not negotiable.  Anyway, I took this picture a week ago as the "before" picture for the 90 day challenge.  I don't expect to see drastic transformation, but it at least gives me a starting point and a reality check.

So what does a 40 year old father of twins think of seeing a picture of himself?   the only word that comes to mind is "meh", which is the verbal equivalent of a shoulder shrug.  Am I happy with my physique?  not really.  i wish i were more muscular and filled out.  Although I know I should just be happy I'm not overweight or fighting to keep from getting there.

One of my goals is to be in the best shape of my life when I hit 40.  That will take quite an effort on my part, but it is a worthwhile goal.  People have been telling me since i was a boy to watch out for getting fat.

when you get into college....
when you get into the workforce...
when you get married...
when you turn 30...
when you have kids...

well, guess what.  i'm still waiting and it doesn't look like 40 is the magical "spare tire" age for me either.  At least, not if I have anything to say about it.

See you soon!

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