Thursday, July 3, 2014

Kid-less in Oklahoma City

Howdy friends and family,

Easton and Layla had their first sleep over together.  They've slept over at a friend's house before, but this was the first time we entrusted their care together to our friends.  Kendra hyped it up the last few weeks so by the time we were heading over to their house it was at a fever pitch.  These genuine smiles show the level of excitement and expectation.

Upon arrival I took one final, parting shot before Mommy and Daddy drove off together.

Ouma and Oupa were in Hawaii for a couple of weeks.  This wouldn't normally be an issue, but we had an opportunity to be with Aunt Mary at her wedding and needed to find a home for the twins.  The one-day gap between our departure for Oklahoma and Ouma and Oupa's arrival from Hawaii left us in a pickle.  Megan came to the rescue and agreed to care for our most precious twins.  She sent us picture updates occasionally, which I really appreciate.

Megan's house has princess dresses galore.  Layla didn't waste any time jumping into character with dress-up.

Easton was given instructions to behave, obey, and treat Carlo kindly like a little brother.  I'm happy to have him around a boy younger than himself because it teaches him to be kind to those who aren't at the same level as he is.  If he were only around older boys, then he gets a skewed perspective on always looking for them to help him and consider him.  Hanging out with Carlo puts the shoe on the other foot, so to speak.

Layla and Isabella have been friends their whole life.  Here's the happy BFFs now.

and here is a Throw Back Thursday picture showing how they've always been princesses and friends.

This was during the day when they had 'quiet time' with stuffed animals and maybe a movie.  That's the only way this scenario would have the word quiet attached to it.  

Bed time was the hardest moment for me as a Dad because this has become such a part of my daily routine and I look forward to sending them off to dreamland with happiness and speaking words of life and singing songs to them. Kendra and I had only been away from them for 12 hours or so, but there was still a little hint of missing them.

From what i can tell in the pictures they didn't miss us at all.  I'm glad for them to be so busy playing and going on adventures that they don't have time to miss us.

Kendra and I were having our own adventures.  We flew into OKC with unruly kids flanking us on both flights.  The part that made it OK was how Kendra and I were able to say, "not my kid.  not my problem." and continue our blissful hours in the air of holding hands and discussing reading material.

As soon as we arrived in OKC we went straight to the local steak house for ribs, sweet tea, and wedding planning.  Mary's new husband (as of today) is Joel.  We like Joel and always have since the day we met him at our house a few months ago.  he rides a motorcycle and offered Kendra a scenic ride home after dinner.  Of course she agreed.  I was perfectly comfortable and content watching her ride by us on the highway.  I know he is able to keep the rubber side down, which is more than I can say about my own motorcycle experiences.

I'm happy it worked out for us to spend a few days alone, but more importantly to be here for Mary at her wedding.  I get the honor of giving her away during the ceremony and lighting the unity candle for her side.  We're revved up for a great day of wedding fun and celebrating into the night with real fireworks that go up in the air and explode.

Happy 4th of July!  See you soon.

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