Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day Without Mommy

Happy Mother's Day friends and family,

First, a big virtual hug and happy wishes for my mom on this special day.  I'm disappointed that I can't be there to fulfill her wish to have all of her children and grandchildren in church and out to dinner to celebrate.  I know that is what she wished for if she saw the first star or picked a 4-leaf clover recently.  I have about 35,000 pictures now and only a few with just Mom and me.  I'm looking forward to this coming summer to be there in Springfield with her and my family.

As for Kendra, she is having the time of her life without us.  Sometimes the greatest gift I can give Kendra is time away.  She should probably have a week or two per year like this where she is kid-less and temporarily removed from all responsibilities.

I made a picture slide show just for fun.  It shows virtually every picture of just me and the twins since the day they were born.  It's amazing to watch them grow up in front of my eyes when I watch this.  Kendra, as the mother who gave me these two gems, is the one who made this video possible.  At dinner Easton and Layla correctly assessment what I would be doing at dinner if they weren't here.  Layla said, "you would be sitting her lonely without Mommy if we weren't here with you."  She's absolutely right.  Because of Kendra.  I have this.  

As for the twins and I, we are doing very well without Kendra, but I can't hold the ship together much longer.  The house is relatively in order enough to welcome Kendra home after work Monday.  I cleaned the kitchen so that disaster is just a memory.  Breakfast this morning consisted of toast, cottage cheese, fruit, and fresh squeezed grapefruit juice.  And we made it to church on time.

The rest of the afternoon was spent with our friend, Jacob.  He came over to hang out and we played in the park.  The twins and I had some serious bonding time this week even without going on any serious adventures.  No museums or long trips.  Just hanging out and playing whatever they want to do.  Lots of coloring, rough house, games, and puzzles.  I planned to go see a movie sometime, but we were all content with just spending time together.

The week was a success, but I can't wait for Kendra to get home.  Not because the work load is overwhelming.  I want my friend and lover back.  Even with all the music and kids screaming and appliances going, our house is still empty without her here.

One more day!

See you soon.

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