Thursday, May 8, 2014

Day 2 of 7 : Single Parent

Howdy friends and family,

Before I get into the single parent stories, let me back up to last weekend now that the pictures are uploaded.  Our church had a cookout after service this past Sunday.  We were happy to experience our other campus because we know several of the people and met dozens of new ones.

I was proud of the twins for going with the flow because they've only been to a couple of churches in their entire life.

Other than traveling on vacation, our current church is the only location they've ever known.  that's a good thing too.  One of the most concerning trends today is the church hopping and lack of commitment.  It's easy to bust people's chops because I only had one pastor for the first 21 years of my life (Dad) and have been at this church for 7 years.  I agree with the whole "Judge not, that you be not judged" concept.  I am perfectly happy to be judged by the same standard.

Anyway, enough of my soap box for today.  Back the more interesting subjects... the twins.  They blended in and were friendly to everyone.  Made me proud of their social skills.

They rented a mobile rock wall for the kids to climb.  Every rock wall before this one had a weight limit Easton and Layla hadn't yet crossed.  This one was lenient enough to let them climb.

Easton was chomping at the bit to give climbing a try.  

He waited patiently for Layla to get clipped in and then they were off to the races.  All 8 feet of it until they were gassed out.  I didn't expect them to make it to the top because this was their first time to try it.

They were both very brave with no fear.  I was confident in the rock wall staff and their equipment.

And since this is Throwback Thursday, here is an old pic from my climbing heyday with my best friend Ryan.  We spent days and weeks at this place climbing some serious routes.   I'm ecstatic to see the twins on the rock wall because I hope this is one of the ways we can bond when they get a few more years older.

Here's a random picture of the twins with Trish, the Children's Director of our church.  They love Miss Trish and much of their happy church experience is attributed to her leadership and coordination.

Day 2 of 7 without our wonderful wife and mother.  Here are the top 10 measures of success for my single parent week:

1. The children are still alive

That's all I have to say about that.

The house is an absolute wreck.  After only 2 days the kitchen looks like a tornado blew right through our house.  Sorry.  It'll be cleaned up before Kendra gets home, but right now it's a bio-hazard wasteland.

When I picked the twins up from school they had stickers and flyers indicating it was Peter Piper Pizza fund raiser night for their school.  They asked me to take them and I gladly agreed.  cheap pizza and some free tokens seemed like a great way to burn some energy and support their school.  They hit the jackpot on tickets a few times and came away with some cheap crap that won't make it through the weekend.  They were excited to have won the tickets and for the chance to pick out their own items from the display cases.  If they're happy then I'm happy!

The twins brought out the Marble run box yesterday.  We planned to do some building, but Pizza time preempted our build time.  I woke up this morning to find Easton fully constructed one of the marble run sets.  I have no idea what time he woke up, but he waited until exactly 6:30 to wake me up as I requested.  His ability to follow instructions and build without help is growing leaps and bounds since the huge space shuttle project.

I had to slowly wake up miss sleepy-head princess.  She said she felt sick so I called doctor Kendra for a Facetime diagnosis.  As much as I hated to wake up Kendra I needed her advice on whether to go to school, stay home or go to the doctor.

Layla had no fever so it was off to school for her!  She did fine today and came home after school happy hearted and ready to play.

And the adventures continue as the weekend arrives!

See you soon.

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