Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I just want to blog!

Greetings friends and family,

I'm lonely, sort of, and I just want to blog.  I'm 700 miles from home so I miss Kendra and the twins.  I left my glasses at home so i'm slumped over my laptop with my nose a few inches from the screen.  I logged into my computer to blog and realized two problems. First, the images I uploaded from my computer at home didn't save to the blog file.  Second, this is the first time since rebuilding my laptop that I've attempted to mess with pictures.  Had to install paint shop pro, image resizer, and the jpeg lossless rotator for my iphone pics so they post properly to the blogger site.

Now finally i get a chance to share a little of the good stuff.  The weekend was terrifically busy because of church stuff and helping where we can.  Our pastor friends from church helped with the new building project all day Saturday.  We gladly offered to have their kids hang out with us for the day because Easton and Layla enjoy their company.

I took the boys outside for some fun in the sun.  We launched Easton's rocket 5 times at a local soccer field.  By the fifth one they repacked the rocket and prepared it for launch all by their selves.  It gets blurry because my DSLR is not very good at videos.  It wasn't really made for that, but here's a clip of their launch and recovery.

This is us being manly with our roar of accomplishment.

Meanwhile, what would Kendra do with two lovely girls for the day?  I threw out the idea of going to see Disney on Ice, Rockin' Ever After  Kendra agreed and the girls were ready to go in a flash.  It's amazing how quickly Layla can get fully dressed and ready to go when the destination is and ice skating performance.

I have several other pictures, but I only have my phone.  Sunday was a blur.  Monday morning at 5:00 am (that's right... AM) I headed to the airport for a flight to Sacramento.  We flew over my house and I took a photo just about the same time Kendra was leaving to drop the kids off at school.  Through the magic of wifi on the airplane I sent her the picture and said how much I miss her already.

the great thing about being in Sacramento is that I'm tackling my temporary "new job" with great results.  it's not any more difficult than my previous job, but the visibility and penalty for failure are both higher.  Also, as a bonus I get to spend a couple of evenings with Ouma and Oupa.  I'll be back home in no time, but for now I'm focused on work while getting paid to spend time with family.  can't beat that deal!

See you soon.

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