Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Home to Phoenix!

Greetings friends and family,

I'm mourning the shift back to normal life because I only see Kendra and kids for a couple of hours each evening.  The twins walk into our room each morning and cuddle up next to me in bed.  Ever since I started back to work the first question they ask, after saying "Can you fix me some breakfast?", is whether today is a work day for me.  When I tell them it is a work day they sigh and moan and pout their lips.  Sure makes it hard to leave for work in the morning!

I'll wrap up the last bits of our travel adventures through a review of the last day in Sacramento.  Easton expressed interest to see the old powerhouse and Layla wanted to pick fresh blackberries down by the river.  The three of us took Oupa and Uncle Casey along for a trip to accomplish both.  Easton was going to grab the cluster of berries, but the thorn poked his thumb.  That's why Oupa is holding, Layla is smiling, and Easton is cringing.

The berries are in full bloom this time of year.  Last year I took them here for a nature walk and checking out the powerhouse.  Casey joined us this year.  His height and long arms were a huge benefit to get those hard to reach berries.  We ended up with a big basket full for Ouma.

Casey knows this area like the back of his hand since he's been swimming, hiking, and riding here since he was a boy.  We walked by a rock cliff, which Casey called "party rock".  On the way back the twins requested a few minutes to hang out on party rock.  Wish granted.

It's difficult to see the scenery, but the wooden bridge, forest-like coverage, and river flowing in the background made for a nice photo opportunity with Uncle Casey.  Layla looks like a young lady.  Sweet Jesus, when did that happen?  i just can't match my view of my little baby girl with the idea she is so grown up.  I'll come around.

During the entire hike and berry picking Easton's conversations were focused on his desire to see the powerhouse and learn more about how it functioned.  Oupa gave us a guided tour including how the water flowed and each component's function.  Easton was amazed as you would expect from him.  His curiosity of electricity and all things related to science never cease.

We packed up the Pilot and hit the road in the early afternoon.  Thanks to Kendra and Oupa's expert packing skills we were able to bring home almost everything.  Neill and Jenny came over to say good-bye and we had a powerful time of prayer and emotional connection.  Sometimes just getting the right people in the room makes all the difference in the world.

We hit the road right on schedule and arrived home in a record-setting time.  Eleven hours from door to door.  The twins peed when we stopped for gas or food and never requested an in-between pee break.  We ate before leaving and drove the Pilot like we stole it.  Jenny gave each of us a "Sees Candies" lollipop.  For those who know Jenny this was a huge love gift.  Neill said he doesn't even get those from her.  Jenny said the lollipops would keep the twins quiet and occupied for a while.  She didn't take into account Easton's way of thinking.  He started sucking on it and making whistling noises and slurping noises and smacking noises.  He showed us how his tongue and cheeks and lips worked to produce all kinds of sounds.  And he described for us in great detail how smooth his cheek was from the candy coating the inside of his mouth.  I love the way his mind thinks.

The 4 Webbs arrived home at midnight and slept like angels in our own beds.  It's been 90 days since we've all slept in our beds for a whole week.  It takes a while to re-adjust, but we are all excited to in our own house with our own bed and our own toys and everything else we've come to know as normal life.

So many awesome memories were made that will last all four of us a lifetime.  There are very few things I would change about our travels and adventures.  living a life without regrets is an admirable goal.

See you soon.

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