Monday, July 8, 2013

Back to Work

Greetings friends and family,

Happy Independence Day!  I know, this post is a few days late, but I've been busy doing "nothing" for the last time before heading back to work.  We've been in every person's pool we know!  My friend, David, neighbor Tracy, Aunt Joan, Fitness center, and probably a few others I'm missing.  The record-high temperatures over the holiday week relegated us to indoor activities and pool time.  Sadly, parks and zoos and trails were off limits.

I'll use a few animal pictures to describe the week.  First, this is how I feel except I had TWO cubs.  Dad is happy to be a heavily-used jungle gym also.

Obviously I didn't take the leopard picture, but I captured the next picture from Mom and Dad's backyard.  There were up to five squirrels laying flat on their bellies all day long.  Apparently there is some threshold of heat where above that the squirrels just give up on all activity besides staying alive.  They spread themselves out flat in the shade and just exist for hours at a time.  Yeah, we felt a little like that, but with zero sympathy from my Phoenix friends who baked at a temperature 5-10 degrees hotter than we did every day.

I took a random selfie of me and my princess.  Our shirt colors matched (roughly) and that was cause enough for a celebration dance.  Layla can get amped up about the smallest things.  She shows me often how much joy can be found in the little things of life.

Part of our indoor fun time is the creative training ground of lego building.  The twins ask, "where are the instructions?"  I said, "instructions?  Where we're going we don't NEED instructions!  It's called your imagination and this is how it works.  You think of something you want to build and then... you build it.  that's it!"  We finished our first creative effort with a one-winged plane and a rolling stick.  Everybody starts somewhere!

The independence day festivities included the annual neighborhood block party on Mom and Dad's court.  The rented bounce house and blow-up kid-sized pool were both heavily used.  The adults sweated our butts off while eating burgers and waiting for the sun to go down.

The best picture of the night was of Kendra.  She was capable of standing still long enough to take the picture.  Easton and Layla were too amped up.  Holding perfectly still with a sparkler in their hands was too much to ask.  We didn't get a 4 Webbs 4th of July picture either so this is it:  My lovely wife and mother of the most wonderful kids... Kendra.

Layla and Easton needed rash guards because Daddy forgot to pack them.  We went to Target and the only one I found for Layla included a bikini swimsuit with it.  I have conflicting feelings about Layla in a two-piece bathing suit.  half of me feels this is not setting her up to dress modestly when she gets older.  The other half of me realizes her innocence and the heart behind her wanting to be like Mommy. It's not productive to tell her she can't, but Mommy can for a reason I don't know.  Anyway, I gave in and let her wear it at Aunt Joan's pool one day.  She's still my sweet princess, baby girl!  I don't want her to have pierced ears yet, but somehow this is OK?

Not everything and every decision I make is congruent, but parenting is a work in progress.

See you soon!

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