Friday, June 21, 2013

Lake Nacogdoches Part 4

Greetings friends and family,

Finally a wrap up post for our week vacation at the lake.  I took a short video clip of the dock and all the water toys just to get an idea of what was made available to us.

I know the reason there aren't many pictures of me because I'm the one who's always behind the camera.  As a way to get around that I'll be taking more self-portraits.  From the back patio of the house this is the view of the lake.

My neighbor sent me a text with some pictures.  Apparently my cactus is getting too much water and two of the six arms fell off!

Kendra has been warning me for months about the dangers of the cactus leaning and big, cracked arms. I'm glad these fell off while we were gone.  This has nothing to do with our trip other than it happened while we were out having the time of our lives.

The canoe only got a little bit of usage.  two separate times I took the twins out individually for some one on one time.  I paddled Layla back into a cove and we looked at all the lily pads and creatures floating around.  I stopped for a few minutes to have a love talk.  With her undivided attention I made the most of it by having her turn around so we could face each other.  I gave her compliments and blessings and verbally showered her with many life giving words.  I'm glad she was so used to it that she didn't even think it was a big deal or seem uncomfortable.  That means I'm doing it enough that she expects it and receives it.  

Kendra hit the jackpot with regards to movies.  The house had a closet full of hundreds of old-school VHS tapes.  Many were movies Kendra and I grew up with.  The selection made for good family movie night events.

Kendra is used to spending full days with the kids.  I thought doing a 30 day vacation tour together might get old or stressful after a while, but it never did.  We were moving from place to place so often that the change of pace and newness of the experiences was a perfect combination.  I know she was able to bond with them in a way they never could in the day-to-day grind of home life.

Even though Richard was kind enough to let us stay for free we made an effort to give back. We bought several useful items like toilet paper and a shower organizer to hang from the nozzle.  I also cleaned the boat from stem to stern, literally.  I scrubbed the lake scum off the paint, cleaned the vinyl seats, and vacuumed every pine needle and feather out of the carpet.  It took almost a full day, but it was worth it to leave the place better than when we came.  Easton and Layla had a part in everything we did so they will learn how to borrow.  If you borrow something it should be returned in better shape than when you got it. Seems like common sense, but there are so many instances throughout my life where I witnessed inconsiderate and selfish people borrow (money or stuff) without a single thought to ask the question, "how can I bless them for blessing me?"

Call me old fashioned, but I'm making sure the twins understand what it means to be good stewards of their stuff and other people's too.

We left the lake house and headed for Aunt Mary's house.  Our stop at the waterpark on the way was a memorable experience, for sure.

See you soon!

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