Saturday, August 8, 2009

help, help!

Hi people,

I discovered a flaw in my blogging method. I have what is known as a "single point of failure". A single cable that connects my camera to my computer allows me to transfer pictures so I can keep the blog updated with the latest and greatest pictures of our wonderful twins.

Somehow I lost my one and only cable somewhere between Kendra's parent's house and ours. I searched through every compartment conceivable, but there is no doubt it will show up in a pair of my underwear or one of crocs. My worst fear is the possibility Layla took it upon herself to put it in the trashcan now that she is SUCH a big girl who is frequently found throwing away crumbs and shreds of paper she finds on the floor.

Anyway, since I am an engineer and have such strong desires to share our entertaining adventures, I found a way around the missing cable! The convoluted process was more difficult than borrowing a cable from my neighbor, but less difficult than hacking a foreign government's secret intelligence agency. You get the picture.

Layla is teething (as usual), but over the past few days she has been cranky and somewhat volatile. Even before we left Sacramento she told us in her own way, "my mouth hurts!"

As you can see she isn't her normal smiley self all the time... Today as we strolled through Costco eating all the yummy samples, her gums were bleeding so much we could see it. ouch!

GG bought Easton and Layla a toy TV remote control and this is a humorous picture where it looks like Layla is trying to change the channel with her mind and Kendra is trying to change it with the remote.

Neither method worked obviously. :) Opa was watching the A's baseball game so naturally the remote was safely in his hand. Speaking of Opa... Kendra took the twins to go visit him at school as he prepared for the new school year. Apparently Opa had Layla running laps around the gym!

Actually, the story is Layla was told to "walk around the gym, but stay on the black line" and she complied. What good listening skills and more importantly, obedience. For some reason that level of obedience doesn't translate at home.

I also missed an outing to the zoo because of work. Easton is pointing to the peacock and probably saying, "holy cow! That thing DOES sound like it is calling for help."

That probably doesn't make sense to many of you so let me explain. The way Kendra has taught the twins to "sound like a peacock" is to say heeeeeelp, heeeeelp! Here's a video clip of Easton jumping in immediately when Kendra asks them to say what a peacock sounds like. The first part is Layla standing on one foot because the rooster at the zoo stood on one foot like a flamingo.

So now Easton thinks peacocks are always in trouble and Layla thinks roosters stand like The Karate Kid crane pose.

Sounds like a successful day of learning at the zoo to me. By the way, there is a remake of The Karate Kid, renamed "The Kung Fu Kid" planned for summer 2010 starting Jackie Chan and Will Smith's son. I hate to be so judgemental without even seeing a preview, but no matter how cool it is, there's no need to remake the original. I give it 2 out of 5 apples until I actually see it next year. Please see my previous post for the rating scale background.

Chronologically speaking, we left Sacramento, the babies didn’t go to sleep until 9 PM (ugh) and we drove safely through the night. We arrived home, dumped the contents of the Honda Pilot out onto the living room floor and then all 4 Webbs took a long nap.

I like to keep our vehicles clean (thanks dad for that trait) and since we picked up a substantial number of bugs along the way I decided to make it a group effort to wash the car. It turned into the Webb’s splash-pad because Easton and Layla weren’t much help in washing OR drying. I turned on the hose and laid it on the driveway. The twins played happily almost the entire time. Easton treated the water hose as his own personal sippy cup.

And Layla just wanted to lay down in the big puddle and cover up the end of the hose as she posed.

It didn't take long to get back into the routine and schedule at our house. Things are pretty much back to "normal" for us other than the big piles of clothes and toys yet to be sorted.

It seems as though many pictures of the twins show them with no pants on. That is a mystery to me why picture times usually coincide with pants-less babies. I promise they aren't always running around in their diapers. Especially now that Layla removes her diaper occasionally for no apparent reason. That's a recipe for disaster from what I've heard other parents describe. Just add poop and viola! you have a messy situation on your hands. Anyway, here is pants-less Layla:

and pants-less Easton:

It's hot here in Arizona, what do you expect?

Have a great weekend and we'll see you again soon.

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