Wednesday, August 5, 2009

fridge to the oven

The 4 Webbs are heading back to Arizona with mixed feelings. We miss our friends and life back home, but are far from tired of being around friends and family here in California. Also, this morning's chilly breeze and 63 degrees felt like a refrigerator to me. After living in Arizona for 9 of the last 12 years, being cold in August is a foreign concept... We will return to Phoenix and be greeted with 113 degrees, which produces the same feeling as when you open the oven door. Nothing like a 50 degree swing in temperature, right? According to friends back home we completely missed the hottest July on record. good timing...

Another thing I'm looking forward to is blogging from home with my full-size keyboard and dual monitors. I've had enough of hunkering over my laptop for a month. I feel like Igor from Frankenstein slumped over with my hunch back and buggy eyes.

Anyway, Aunt Patty came through by sending the pictures from our boating trip. The unfortunate part is that we didn't get any pictures of Aunt Patty. The 4 Webbs appreciate Patty and cousin Alexa driving into town to visit us. Easton and Layla thrived on the extra attention and play time with Alexa.

So here is the rest of the story... As I mentioned, Easton and Layla both had serious reservations about the experience once we left the dock. Layla communicated very clearly what she wanted. She repeatedly said, "All done! All done!" verbally AND through sign language indicating she wanted the boat ride to be over with as soon as it started.

As sad as it was to see the babies so freaked out and uncomfortable, they quickly realized we were all in this (the boat) together and we were not turning back. Once they accepted the "truth" their frowns turned upside down.

And of course Kendra and I made the most of the experience. Our outing to play in the lake was absolutely a highlight of the trip for her because she loves boats and water so much.

As I always say, "you can't have adventures unless you go adventuring!" The only less-than-awesome part of the trip was trying to find a beach. There were too many people in the boat to go tubing so we had to take turns, which means we had to find a beach. I thought since everyone else grew up in the area and had been using the lake for the past 50 years that it would be well understood where a good place to sit on the shore is. Turns out I was wrong, but that's part of the adventure. Everyone bailed out of the boat to go set up camp, but realized the non-muddy area we needed to get to required a long walk in the knee-high water. There was no way to get out and walk on the land. We slogged through about 100 yards of sludge and mud and thorny bushes while carrying all of our gear and the twins. There are no pictures of this event because we were all doing our best to stay upright and not lose our shoes in mud. Getting the day set up was the only difficult part of the day. I was relieved to see the rest of the day turn out so well because things were looking a little discouraging at first.

We played hard and during the boat ride back to the dock Easton fell asleep in Oma's lap!

He sure acclimated to life in the boat well, didn't he? Easton was completely exhausted. Layla, on the other hand, had enough left in the tank to play peek-a-boo before bedtime. Where DOES she get her high energy from?

Having twins is the ultimate science experiment. I have two babies who shared a womb and now get to see them develop as they chart their own unique course through life. They are so completely different, yet both are charming in their own way. What a journey so far... and it's only been 18 months!

See you on the other side of the kitchen (from the fridge to the oven).

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