Monday, August 4, 2008

My Twin Did It

Finally I'm home! Some people say, "home is where the heart is", but for me home is where ever Kendra and the twins are sleeping. So GGs house is home for now. :) We're having a ton of fun in California and it looks like our plans are to stay here through August. Thank goodness for flexibility and all 4 Webbs seem to have that trait. I came home to find Layla sitting up on her hands and knees while Easton is rolling around like a log now. After a 4:30 AM wake up to catch the flight here I was so excited and relieved to see Kendra and my babies. How could you NOT love these faces???

Noticeable changes happen in just 5 days of being away and I hate to miss out on anything with Easton and Layla. Easton seems to be even more aware of his surrounding and you can see his brain working behind those eyes.

Anyway, here are a few pictures and descriptions of what I missed while I was away. We've been waiting for the twins to grow into these two outfits and it appears they are finally able to fill them out enough.

Is that awesome or what? Easton and Layla will have a guaranteed excuse forever by blaming the other one as soon as they figure that out. Those who have only one child don't really get the full parenting experience from what I can tell. You ALWAYS know who did it when things go wrong... with two or more kids there is that aspect of trying to figure out which one did it and I'm not looking forward to those times. Guess the twins will be experts at conflict resolution by the time we send them out into the world.

Kendra spent lots of time over the past few days with her friends and relatives. This is what the trip up here was all about. Here are the twins with her friend Dee (she was in our wedding and has been friends with kendra for years) and her sister. All four are smiling so well and the twins' outfits are among my favorites... they are matching, cute colors, and they say, "twins rock".

Kendra also took the twins to see her other friend Megan who has her own 5 week old baby. I didn't see a worthy picture of their get togethers, but I can tell you that she is loving the time of hanging out and sharing with her friends. i'll be in charge of pictures when they get together again and hopefully catch some blog-worthy ones.

Another of the many outings where kendra took the twins ended up at the Folsom city zoo. Yes, folsom has a zoo, which is just some guys back yard where he put antlers on his hound dog and spray painted his cat. OK, it's better than that, but the best part is actually the train. they have a real steam engine train that goes around the city park area and guess who went for a ride? everyone!

There is Oma, Opa, GG, Kendra, Alexa, Layla and Easton in his cowboy hat going for a ride! Opa said that Easton stared straight down into the floorboard as the slats of the railroad track passed by. Layla looked all around as usual and took in the sights and sounds. their personalities are developing by the day...

As Kendra and I spend more time together over the next few days I'll pick up a few more stories and events that I missed out on, but this post basically catches you up to as much as I know. now it's time for me to go to bed and head back to work tomorrow!

Later folks


Coleen & Mark said...

Hi there~
Mark, Abby, Rowan and I are hoping to meet the twins before we leave on the 14th. Let us know if you have any time.


The Four Webbs said...

Hey Coleen! We absolutely will have time to hang out while we're here. Kendra will give you a call soon and find a time that works. Thank you very much for allowing us to borrow so many things for our stay here in Cali! You've been a blessing to us for sure...