Thursday, June 12, 2014

Bike Riders All Around

Greetings friends and family,

The 4 Webbs are livin' large in Sactown.  I'm working the days away at the salt mine and hanging with family at night and on the weekends.  I have no car, but that's ok because I have no other life right now.  I'm perfectly fine with that too.  No midnight drive to the church to check out the false alarm.  No driving to the coffee shop to meet with the guys in my mentoring group.  No 8:00 pm drive to the gym (I get to do that during the day at work). The lack of activity is exactly what the doctor ordered for us to be refreshed. 

We gave up on pushing the twins to ride without training wheels. Kendra bought some springy ones from target and off we go. 

I took Layla for a ride to GG's house. It was a really long ride for her first outing away from Ouma's cul-de-sac

We greeted GG, drank water, and gave a few hugs before heading back home.  We arrived to the cheers of everyone in the house.  Easton asked to go for the same ride so back out I went into the heat for round two. I told Easton he didn't have to ride all the way to GG's house. His reply made me proud.  He said, "Layla did it so I know I can do this. We're going all the way to GG's house!"  

He didn't even mind riding on Layla's bike either.  His bike needed some work because it is old and rusty and hard to pedal. 

Again we arrived at GG's with more thirst and hugs.  He loves loving on his GG. 

On the trip home we scaled two difficult hills. Layla climbed without stopping. Easton needed a little break and a small push to get going again after his break.  Layla has stronger than average muscles.  There's no doubt about that.  Easton has something Layla doesn't (yet):  perseverance.  When he sets his mind on something he gets it done. 

Ouma set up a photo shoot with her friends daughter.  The photographer had lenses big enough to capture our nose hairs in HD quality from across the park.  I'm sure the set will turn out well and I'm looking forward to seeing the files.  I took this with my crummy iPhone camera as they posed for the photographer.  

Then we went for a late dinner at Chili's.  Speaking of late...  I finally concede that the twin's sleeping pattern is no longer 7:00 pm to 7:00 am.  We had a good run but those days are over.  They either stay up until 8:00pm or they wake up at 6 o'crack in the morning.  It's a struggle of my tiredness every day now.  Do I have an extra hour of daddy time at night when I really would rather be relaxing or writing or reading?  Or do I want to hear them ratting around at 6 the next morning?   

It had to end sometime but I had high hopes of the 12 hour sleep lasting a few more years. 

If that's the worst of my woes then I consider myself happy and blessed.  Yes I am!  

See you soon. 

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