Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Drift Happens

Howdy friends and family,

One of Kendra's friends, Suzanne, ended up in Sacramento with her family this summer.  She is taking advantage of the good fortune by building her mommy network.  I'm happy for her to have friends to hang out with, but even happier for the twins to have playmates.  They met at the zoo to harass the animals.  These group pictures are looking more and more like the Little Rascals, the older they get.  I think Layla would make an excellent Darla and Easton Spanky.

I never consider the size of a bear to be a measurement to use for height comparison, but this is cleaver.  According to the charts, I have two brown bears.

What trip to the zoo would be complete without a ride around in the train?  It's been a tradition as old as the twins.

Easton and Layla aren't used to spending so many hours per day together.  The adjustment is going well partly because they've been going on some individual adventures with different combinations of parents and grandparents.  Layla rode with Kendra because Suzanne's daughter isn't quite big enough to ride without her Mommy yet.

and miss Suzanne behind Kendra as these hip mommies soak in some sun.  Who says Mom-life has to be boring or hard work?  I'm glad Kendra figured out a long time ago that parenting is much more fun when families get together.

with all these adventures, here's what I did:

I let Ouma shave my head while wearing a cone of shame.  ideally this thing is supposed to catch hair, but based on my experience it's only purpose is to punish whoever wears it.  I was glad to have Ouma give me a free haircut because i was starting to look a little shaggy.  beggars can't be choosers.

Kendra and I got away for a long weekend alone without the kids.  This will probably be the highlight of our marriage this summer.  Neither of us had to say "keep your tummy to table" during meals.  We just took care of ourselves and spent many hours focused on each other.  Sometimes sitting quietly together holding hands.  Conversations weren't about plans for the kids, but about our dreams and goals.

We stayed with Kendra's aunt Patty in Chico the first night.  That was the first time I had the chance for meaningful conversation with her and Paul.  Every previous time we were together it was in a big, extended family atmosphere.  it's much more difficult to talk in those environments.  I didn't take a single picture because I wanted to just relax and enjoy the moments.  We had a good tour of Chico, time with Kendra's cousin, and an evening of family hang out.  Kendra and I sat comfortably as her cousin Lisa interacted with her three young kids.  I said, "Watching parenting is so much easier than doing it."

The next morning we headed out to Redding to experience Bethel church and all it has to offer.  We took a nap in the afternoon at our bed and breakfast.  That was awesome.  We put down our suitcases and flopped down on the bed.  Then...  out like a light.  What a relief it was to have the choice of taking a nap in peace and quiet!  Taking a nap isn't normally worthy of writing about, but as parents of young children it is such a rarity that it merits a little cheering.

We went for a long walk that night by the river.  This is where the salmon run will take place in a couple of weeks.

I suppose this is our banner picture for the vacation weekend, if I had to pick.  Just Kendra and me and our spontaneity to do what we want when we want.  Leaving the kids with Ouma and Oupa to spend time with just the two of us was as refreshing as jumping into the river behind us.  not that we did that...

The feeling of connectedness to Kendra is hard to put a price on.  Just like every relationship, you never drift towards connection.  Without regular, intentional steps towards being a part of someone's world, then "drift" happens.  I like to boogie board In the ocean.  When my eyes are focused on the waves and not on Kendra, who is sitting on the shore, I end up drifting far down the beach.  I only realize how far down I've drifted when I get Kendra back in my sights as a point of reference.  this weekend was a good resetting of sights and I'm already day-dreaming with thoughts of reliving the time we spent alone in Redding.

I think I'll get a trademark on the phrase "drift happens".  Or maybe just a T-shirt.  I'm also planning my next message at church with the same title because our relationship with God is exactly the same.  hmmm.  time to go write!

See you soon.

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