Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Jesus

Merry Christmas friends and family,

The birthday celebration is in full swing this Christmas Eve.  I talked with my family back in Missouri and had a dinner gathering of Kendra's immediate family.  We even heard Oupa share the Christmas story straight from the Bible.

The twins helped cut out homemade cookies and frost them.  Of course, they tasted the final products.

We talked them into doing their "I don't have a present" routine, which was loved by all.  Layla gladly jumps at the opportunity to perform, but I'm glad to see Easton was willing to step up to the plate as well this time.

Ouma joined the twins in a gingerbread house making adventure.  The result looks awesome in my opinion.  She claims they did most of the placement of the dots and she just laid down the icing as a guide.  Way to go!

We are happy to have GG spend time with us during the past few days.  She and Layla did some water color painting together.  I love it when the twins get to share these kind of moments with her.

My boss asked me to join him for a round of golf.  We talked about golfing during my recent trip with him to Mexico so he extended the invitation since we both have the vacation time off from work.  I asked Dad if he wanted to join us and just as I expected he said yes.  The past four days were cold, windy, rainy, and treacherous.  This morning we woke up to mostly clear skies and relatively warm temps.  We picked the perfect day to hit the links.  We sloshed our way through the muddy, squishy course and I had to avoid casual water many times, but it sure was better than working!  

I captured the moment the best I could with the cheesy iphone front-facing camera.  at least you get the idea.    

A few days ago Layla wanted to perform for the guests in Ouma's house.  She wore her Ariel princess bridal costume and shared her rendition of Away in a Manger, which she learned from school. We were all blown away by how well this four-year-old can hold the notes and keep pitch through the A Capella effort.    I'm a proud dad for sure.

I thought I posted these pics from Easton and Layla's play practice a few weeks ago, but can't find them.  Layla portrayed Mary and did a wonderful job based on what Kendra said.

She was all smiles and vibrant.  I doubt Mary was so happy to be in such a difficult situation, but Layla is a joyful girl who never be able to play such a sad, dramatic role in full character.

Easton was a shepherd who doesn't know how to pretend smile, but I'm OK with that.  When he smiles and laughs for real, it is very genuine.

The classmate is supposedly pointing at the star as the shepherds search for the baby Jesus.

Easton's acting skills came into play during this scene where they are searching for the baby.

I was working when the play practice was going on, but I'm glad Kendra was there to represent and witness the hard work they put into the play.

That's all for today, but I'm caught up and ready for the big day of presents and extended family time.

See you soon!

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